Matter Communications Green Lights Broadcast Video Production

By Matter

Studio C at Matter Communications

Last night, Matter Communications held an open house to celebrate our tremendous growth and show off our new broadcast production studio. With an energetic turnout, business colleagues walked our expanded halls, decorated with client successes and accolades, and chatted up Matter execs on why this agency is so special. My take? It’s a special agency because Matter is listening.

We haven’t expanded into graphic design, video and live broadcast production just because we think it’d be fun (although we are having a lot of fun!). We did it because we recognize the need for our clients to deliver innovative content (pictures, graphics, and video) to a hungry demographic whom have become highly discerning in when and how they consume information.

Hard-to-read charts, dated photos, and fuzzy videos simply will not engage your potential customer and make the phone ring for your business. We know this, and over and over, statistics confirm this. Take a look at some recent data we culled on the topic here.

So, what, exactly, are we able to offer clients with the new broadcast production studio?

  • We’re able to live-transmit (read: broadcast) full HD 1080 video to ANY broadcast network (e.g. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc.).
  • We have created a controlled environment that allows for unlimited video production capabilities, ranging from seamless background for interviews, spokespeople and/or product tours, as well as green-screen video and professional audio recording.
  • We have also created an environment for professional media training, wherein executives can be trained on media scenarios by our PR professionals, and use our live production set as a practice space.

Are you ready to unleash your desire as a television spokesperson? We’re ready for your close-up. 

Quiet please!