Matter Social Second: April 2022

By Hannah Osmani

Welcome to another edition of The Matter Social Second — keeping you current about what’s trending in social media. We’re sharing the most important and impactful social stories from April.

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Instagram Updating Ranking Algorithm to Focus on Original Content

In hopes of giving creators the success and credit they deserve, Instagram will be focusing more on original content as opposed to reposted content. The goal is to reduce aggregators and to encourage originality. But we’ve got to wonder, how will this affect brands who rely on UGC?

Edit Feature is Finally Coming to Twitter

Have you ever wanted to edit a tweet after you hit publish? Well now you can! This long-awaited feature will be rolling out soon. Although you’ll be able edit your tweets, users will also have access to the original content and can see what changes were made.

Instagram Tests Removing the “Recent” Tab from Hashtags Searches

We may be saying goodbye to the “recent” hashtag tab. Instagram announced they are testing out replacing the option with a “Reels” tab across a small group of users. This comes as Instagram notes it wants to make hashtags “as valuable as possible.”

TikTok Expands Test of Downvotes for Video Replies

TikTok introduces thumbs down, but for responses. The feature – currently in testing – will allow users to “downvote” a comment. The purpose here is to let individuals identify comments they believe to be irrelevant or inappropriate, and hide responses they don’t want to see.

Instagram Removes In-Stream Video Ad Placements

We are saying goodbye to in-stream video ads and hello to Reels! This follows Instagram’s promise to “double-down on video and consolidate all video formats around reels.” This change comes as part of a new set of monetization options for an expanded ecommerce push.

YouTube is Moving into Podcasts

If you like podcasts, you’ll love this. YouTube is currently in the process of creating a new podcast platform within the app. Although YouTube hasn’t provided an official release date, it has been in talks with popular podcasters to film episodes of their shows, so be on the lookout!

YouTube + TikTok Add New Options for Automated Captions, Improving Accessibility

Youtube is rolling out a feature that allows creators to securely outsource the creation and editing of subtitles to 3rd parties with the hopes of saving time and allowing for more content creation. Tiktok will be improving usability by switching auto-English captions on by default for all uploads.

Meta Launches Fundraisers in Reels

If you’re looking to raise awareness for your favorite cause, Meta is now making it easier! Users will now be able to add fundraising details in the Reels creation process, with fundraiser links remaining active for 30 days.

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