Matter Social Second: May 2022

By Hannah Osmani

Welcome to another edition of The Matter Social Second — keeping you current about what’s trending in social media. We’re sharing the most important and impactful social stories from May.

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LinkedIn Updates Algorithm to Deemphasize Certain Posts

LinkedIn is updating its algorithm to crack down on specific posts and post types that users are sick of seeing. Seen enough polls? Don’t worry. They’re only going to show you what’s relevant from now on (fingers crossed). 

Edit Feature is Finally Coming to Twitter

Have you ever wanted to edit a tweet after you hit publish? Well now you can! This long-awaited feature will be rolling out soon. Although you’ll be able edit your tweets, users will also have access to the original content and can see what changes were made.

Twitter Limits Reach on Duplicate Tweets

Sick of reading the same tweet on Twitter from multiple users? Well, don’t worry about that (as much) anymore. Twitter will be limiting the reach of these duplicated tweets to favor originality. What does this mean for brands sharing giveaways monthly or reminding you of a product? I guess we’ll find out. 

Instagram Adds Full Screen Home Feed for Video Scrolling

According to Later, a new era of Instagram is upon us! Instagram is editing their interface to look more like TikTok with a full-screen scrolling option, making suggested video the new focus of IG. Static images will still be available in drop down tabs, but the focus will be on video. 

LinkedIn’s ‘Funny’ Reaction is Almost Here

As one of the most requested updates, you’ll soon be able to react accordingly with the new ‘funny’ reaction. LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer noted, “We hear you loud & clear – humor is a serious business.” Hopefully, we’ll have this reaction sooner than later! 

TikTok Launches New Interactive Insights

A new interactive insights platform on TikTok will allow you to use a range of filters to hone in on your audience and discover key data points within your target market(s). You’ll be able to see top trends as well as which locations and demographics are performing the best. Check it out for yourself. 

Twitter Tests Spaces Within Engagement Options

Twitter spaces are ephemeral live audio conversations, and we may begin to see them as a response option within a tweet. They are currently testing the feature to allow users to record themselves and their thoughts on a particular tweet. Could this increase arguments, or will this spark engagement? 

NFTs Are Coming to Instagram

Instagram is in the initial stages of testing NFT (non-fungible token) options, and Meta will be next. Users will be able to display their NFTs on their feed, stories, and DMs. They’re also working on adding an NFT tab and will verify authentic NFTs.  

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