The Matter Social Second: November 2023

By Jessica Boff

Welcome to the Matter Social Second — keeping you current about what’s trending in social media. This month is all about Meta from generative AI creative tools to ad-free subscription models, we’re sharing the most important and impactful social stories from November.

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Meta Previews New GenAI Tools for Video and Image Creation Via Text Prompts

On November 16th, Meta showcased two gen-AI projects to enable Facebook and Instagram users to create video content via a text prompt. 

The first is called “Emu Video”, which will let you create short video clips, based on text prompts. Essentially, you’d be able to create video clips based on a product photo and a text prompt, which could facilitate a range of new creative options for brands.

Meta’s second new element is called “Emu Edit”, which will enable users to facilitate custom, specific edits within visuals. Simply create a conversational prompt to explain the part of the image you want to edit and the system will understand and adjust the image. There is no information of when the new tools will be available just yet.

Meta Adds Tools for Reels Creators – A/B Testing, Reach-based Incentives and More

Meta is enhancing its support for content creators – especially those focused on Reels content, – in a bid to attract more creators. Meta is introducing an A/B testing option for Reels, allowing creators to experiment with different approaches while receiving valuable insights into their content’s performance.

Additionally, a new feature enables the creation of Reels from existing video clips. Meta is incentivizing creators by offering increased reach and exposure as a reward for posting. Furthermore, a newly introduced “Achievements hub” in the Professional Dashboard will showcase creators’ accomplishments in one centralized location. The update also includes a content management element, consolidating all posts, Reels, and videos in a unified view within the Professional Dashboard.

Meta Announces Ad-free Subscription in EU

Meta officially confirmed that they will release an ad-free subscription option for Facebook and Instagram in the EU. The goal of this update is to comply with GDPR, since Meta’s looking to provide all users with an option to opt-out of all ads, and related data tracking. Users can opt for a €9.99/month web or €12.99/month iOS/Android plan.

Until March 1, 2024, one subscription covers linked accounts, with additional fees afterward. Meta justifies costs by linking data tracking to personalized ads. With an average of $19.04/quarter per EU user from ads, Meta anticipates a $6.34 monthly loss per subscriber but aims to cover expenses with a $10 subscription. The move is regulatory-driven, with Meta expecting limited uptake due to the high price point. There is a chance that other platforms may follow suit.