MEDIA ON THE MOVE: October 2021

By Matter

With the days getting shorter and the nights growing longer, there’s a restless yet eager feeling in the air as we approach the end of another year. The new year means new beginnings, but for some, those  experiences have already begun.  

Although October’s spooky season has ended, some are continuing to experience the first day jitters as they head into the unknown of a new position. Check out these media moves across major publications that you’ll want to keep in mind. 


  • Lisette Voytko transitioned to entertainment, focusing on Hollywood, music and influencing earnings. 
  • Derek Saul, previously an editorial intern, joins as a breaking news reporter. 
  • Jena McGregor will be covering careers and leadership issues in the workplace as a senior editor. 

Los Angeles Times:

  • Nolan McCaskill joins the Washington, D.C. bureau as an inaugural reporter, supporting the launch of a new congressional beat. 
  • After spending the past seven years covering science, Deborah Netburn moves into her new beat covering faith and spirituality.  
  • Leila Miller a reporter at the paper since 2018, will now be the Mexico City correspondent.

The New York Times:

  • Kyle Betts, previously from the Chicago Tribune, joins as a staff editor for Storylines. 
  • Ilaria Parogni also joins the Storylines team after most recently serving as a senior editor on the Syndicate team. 

Business Insider:

  • James Rodriguez, previously at the Denver Business Journal, joins as a real estate reporter

Bloomberg News:

  • Julia Fanzeres takes over the oil commodities market beat after previously serving as a Markets Live reporter. 
  • William Louch, previously a Wall Street Journal reporter, joins the London bureau as an investing reporter. 
  • Archie Hunter also joins the London bureau as an agriculture reporter, covering coffee, sugar and coca. 

The Wall Street Journal:

  • Alexander Saeedy is now a reporter covering bankruptcy and corporate distress. 
  • Bowdeya Tweh, previously the Spot News editor, has been named deputy bureau chief for corporate coverage.