Meeting in person

By Scott Signore

Last week, I was reminded of how much I value in-person meetings. My team and I met with long-standing client Lexar for the purpose of planning our program for the year ahead. While we’ve been working as an extension of Lexar’s dynamite marketing team for some time – and we’ve been informed and aligned throughout the relationship – the opportunity to collaborate first-hand and overcome planning challenges together during a working session was the key to a successful process.

There’s much value in spending time with those who you respect and trust, and who share your charge to succeed. Beyond tactical accomplishments, so much happens when you gather as we did last week. Some anecdotes shared before our meetings began or when they ended may prove to be as valuable as the plan itself, and first-hand exposure to internal clients who we contact less frequently led to more insightful and useful information that can be directly applied to our work.

I’m pleased with last week’s planning process, and reminded that meeting in-person is often a valuable use of time and energy.