Oh what a year can bring!

By Matter


2010 is finally here, and while I am very excited to start off the new decade, I can’t help but think where did 2009 go? In just 365 days I have graduated college, moved to a different state, landed an internship and a full-time job, and basically adjusted to the “real world”…. A LOT has changed, but it has all been change for the better.


Finding a job in the PR world was an eye-opening experience for me. On the first day of my internship I walked into the office feeling like a small tadpole in a large sea of sharks. Luckily that image quickly disappeared as I was introduced to my coworkers and teammates. Everyone was full of personality!


While the PR business is very fast paced, and at times stressful, it has also been a lot of fun. I have learned all new skills that were not in my textbooks, such as actual pitching, pulling together creative mailers and social media initiatives. When friends ask me to explain a typical day at work, I can’t. There is always a new project, task, pitch, report or something else that needs to be done – my days in the world of PR are always different. I love it.


2009 was a great year, and while I am sad to see it go, I am excited for what’s in store for 2010.