Public Relations Toolbox: Social Media Provides New Options to Impress the Client

By Matter

Before I started working at Matter Communications, social media was an up-and-coming medium. Facebook was still exclusive to college students and everyone was basing their friendships off MySpace’s top eight. Fast forward to 2011, and social media is a whole new ball game. For example,  I was scanning my Twitter feed today when I noticed that my colleague, Andrew Rodger, had posted an article from Forbes magazine regarding social media power influencers.

I instantly clicked and began reading all about these professionals who are using platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs and Google + to connect with the online world. The part that I found most interesting was that when the influencers were asked which platform they are most focused on, the answer was none. Instead they choose to focus on an integrated strategy that leverages content to connect with a variety of audiences.

The more I read through the article, the more I realized how social media has shaped my PR career over the past few years. When I first started at Matter, Facebook was the only program I was signed up for. I did not have a Twitter account and was also not interested in signing up for one. Today, I can’t imagine my life without it. I use Twitter to scan for breaking news stories and follow reporters. There have been many cases where reporters have tweeted about an article they are writing, and I’ve had an opportunity to pitch a client. Twitter is also a way for my clients to send their own news out. Whenever there is a big announcement, product launch or great article they appeared in, we tweet about it.

LinkedIn has also helped spread news for certain clients, while being a resource for others. Whenever I am assisting with award submissions or in need of a biography, I can look up my client’s LinkedIn page for their full background and develop a bio. Clients can then make a few quick edits or send their approval rather than starting from scratch.

It’s very interesting to see how much social media has grown and changed over the years. Do you find social media as useful as I do?  I know I love being able to log into the different accounts and have an infinite amount of information at my fingertips. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next! Tell me what you think.