So, You Want to Launch an Influencer Campaign Part 1: Customizing Your Campaign

By Julie Schweizer

 We’re excited to kick-off a new Matter blog series, where we’ll discuss the considerations brands across all industries should take when adding influencers into their marketing mix.

The term “influencer” has become a key fixture in the world of PR and marketing. It’s no secret that influencers are the trending force across social media platforms, even more so now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent Matter survey shows that more than half (58%) of consumers have noticed more sponsored content from social media influencers and 63% have spent more time viewing content across social platforms since social distancing restrictions have been put in place. Regardless of how popular the industry has become, many may not know that running a successful influencer campaign takes more than just paying an influencer you like to post about your products or brand. Building a campaign that deeply resonates with audiences and drives meaningful engagement takes strategic thinking, smart relationship-building and creativity. 

The Influencer Landscape 

Spanning platforms including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and more, there is an influencer out there to fit every brand’s needs no matter how niche or specialty your industry is. From YouTube personalities who create the perfect eye shadow look in under 10 minutes, to mom bloggers who have been sharing parenting advice for decades on their blog and Facebook channels, to passionate celebrities who allow glimpses into their day-to-day health and wellness routines via Instagram Live, there are various tiers and types of influencers and campaigns you can customize to fit your needs. This further proves that building an influencer campaign is not simply a one-size fits all approach. 

When is the right time to activate an influencer campaign? 

This is one of the first question you should ask yourself as you set the goals you’d like to achieve from partnering with influencers. You should also answer the following: Why are you thinking to add influencers into your overall marketing strategy in the first place? Is it to help promote a product launch or company announcement, or are hoping to supplement traditional media relations and increase overall brand awareness? Pinpointing why you’re considering influencers is essential before approaching any influencers or an agency to help with your influencer needs! Not only is it a starter point for your list of campaign KPIs, but it’ll also help you to determine which type of campaign you want to launch. One of the best parts of working with influencers is that you can customize your strategy based on your brand’s unique wants and needs. 

If you’re not sure what type of campaign is right for your brand, here are a few examples to keep in mind as you develop your overall approach: 

Pulse Campaign 

A pulse campaign is tied to a single moment in time and designed to drive concentrated buzz around a specific announcement or initiative. Pulses are an awesome supplement to traditional media relations around product launches, company announcements, relevant holidays and more because 1. they are fully scalable in terms of budget and reach and 2. they guarantee attention from your target audience during a certain timeframe. 

Ongoing, Always-On Campaign 

Situation: you know you want to work with influencers in some capacity, but don’t have any launches or big initiatives in the near future. That’s totally fine! Even if you don’t have big news to share, influencers are a great driver of ongoing brand awareness and an ongoing campaign approach – enlisting influencers over an extended period of time – helps build and maintain momentum through a network of creators who will soon become your ultimate brand champions. 

Building Organic Relationships 

If you’re working with a lower budget or already know of a select group of influencers (or celebrities) speaking about your brand on social, there’s a campaign structure for that too. Social listening is a fantastic tool when it comes to building an influencer campaign from the ground up. Pinpointing people who are already interested and sharing details about your brand or industry, and starting an organic, mutually beneficial relationship can help to increase brand awareness with the right audiences. Campaigns centered around building organic relationships that start conversations about your brand on influencer channels are easily scalable and great for brands in the early stages of influencer relations as well as those looking to grow their influencer network. 

Whether you’re just dipping your toes in the influencer industry or want to scale your current programs to reach new audiences and achieve new goals, we’re here to help! Contact us to chat more about building an influencer campaign that works best for you and your brand. We’d love to hear from you!