Summer Fridays at Matter: Thoughts from a New Employee

By Sara Pudvelis

From my latest observations as a recent graduate, not everyone is jumping right into a job in their major. Many of my fellow classmates seem to be taking the summer off, applying to graduate programs, or taking smaller jobs, such as nannying, to give themselves a little bit of time before they become an actual adult. For me, it was the opposite. After multiple full-time internships in my field, all I wanted was to start my career after graduation. Well, I did it; now I find myself happily spending summer days as a Content Designer and Marketing Assistant at Matter.

Now, just because I am one of the few who has started a career, does not mean I am completely missing out on my summer fun.

One of the best employee perks here at Matter is Summer Fridays.

Summer Fridays go from Memorial Day to Labor Day and give all Matter employees the option to work remotely and sign off a little early (if all client work is completed and your manager gives you the OK, of course!). This gives us a chance to enjoy the great weather, get a head start on weekend travel, and experience some summer fun.

According to ADP, flexible working benefits such as Summer Fridays aid in employee retention:

“Summer Fridays offer a relatively easy way to boost morale and improve overall employee engagement. Leaving early on Friday means your workforce is typically more engaged and focused on their job during the week. Moreover, the time away from the office allows tired or burnt-out employees an opportunity to rest and recharge more for Monday — which can increase productivity for the week ahead.”

In the short time I have been here, you can tell how much Matter employees appreciate Summer Fridays. It encourages employees to start work early, work hard, and get things done before signing off early to enjoy their summer weekends. Matter was even featured in The Boston Globe article, Top perks offered by Massachusetts companies, where our Summer Fridays were pointed out as a top 10 notable perk offered to employees.

After experiencing this perk and reading about the growing number of companies that are starting to take advantage of similar programs, I couldn’t be more thrilled to embrace my new career with Matter. A seasonal perk like this is certainly not found everywhere and makes my transition from college to the working world that much nicer.

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