The Chronicles of Boulder PR

By Matter

On May 6, Matter Communications announced that it would open a new office in Boulder, Colorado. The tech, the startups, the passion for entrepreneurialism – what wasn’t to love? There is certainly a kinship between the People’s Republic and Matter’s headquarters in Massachusetts, so the announcement was met with excitement about what was to come.

But wait, that was just a little over three months ago. What exactly has happened in that time? The short version: a lot. The long (and much more interesting) version:

1. We socialized.

When we said we wanted to be part of the community, we meant it. Less than a week after Matter shared the news of the soon-to-be Rocky Mountain office, we went to Boulder Startup Week, an event that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and provides resources to people looking to get into the startup scene. Our CEO, Scott Signore, spoke at Startup Stories about what inspired him to start his own company; we chatted with people at the job fair about who we are, what we do and how they could be a part of it; and we came away with one clear observation: Boulder is a place of enthusiastic, welcoming people.

We also took our socializing to the digital world! We’ve had fun sharing the daily happenings of our office and spreading the word about local events on Twitter and Instagram – whether it’s in person or online, we love to connect!

2. We moved.

By June, a couple of members from the Newburyport team (myself included) relocated to Boulder, and we brought on a few more folks as well. And with that, the office was up and running and we had made downtown Boulder our home (1135 Pearl Street, Suite 203 to be exact). Before long, the larger culture of Matter began seeding its way into the Boulder office: team bonding activities, summer Fridays, and all the other perks Matter is known for.

3. We worked.

But of course, we came out here with a purpose: to work with local startups and support their PR goals. And we’re proud to say that even in our short time here, we’ve done just that. A few of the local companies – and stellar brands in the high tech space – that we’ve started working with include:

  • MobileDay: MobileDay is the creator of the one-touch conference call dialing app. If you’ve ever stumbled through the process of joining a call because you couldn’t remember which PIN to enter or you misdialed the number (in other words, what happens almost every time you join a conference call), MobileDay’s got you covered. Our first task was to help the company share the news that its app passed the 10 million call threshold, an indication that – like it or not – conference calls are on the rise, and people need a tool to eliminate the tediousness of the process.
  • JumpCloud: JumpCloud is the first Directory-as-a-Service®, securely managing and connecting employee identities to their IT devices, applications, and networks. The company has had a busy month, announcing the integration of Google Apps into its directory and the release of its RADIUS-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution, so companies can easily and quickly control and secure WiFi access. From local press like BizWest to tech trades like Network World, we’ve talked to them all about the effort JumpCloud is putting into making workplace security easy and manageable.
  • Stay Tuned for More: We’re networking like crazy and what we’ve learned is that there’s a real need for great PR work here in Boulder…something we’re excited to deliver on over the coming months and years!

Needless to say, it’s been an exciting first few months here in Boulder, and the city is living up to those initial impressions we gathered following Startup Week. We work with companies that are passionate about what they do, and that combined with the energy of Pearl Street (and not to mention the incredible food), are sure to make the next few months just as interesting.