The Great Browser War: Internet Explorer vs. Firefox

By Matter

I love Internet Explorer! For years, this wonderful web browser has guided me through cyberspace as I researched term papers, uncovered the latest news stories, and even marked my favorite websites for later use. But the main reason I like Internet Explorer so much is because I’ve never given another web browser a chance – until now.

This morning I came across an article which stated that today marks the six birthday of Firefox. Really? Firefox has been around for six years? As I read about all its capabilities and features, I couldn’t help but wonder if this browser would work better than my beloved Internet Explorer.

 As PR professionals, it is important for us to keep up with the latest and greatest trends. Our clients are constantly turning to us for recommendations on what works and how they can better manage their resources.  Whether it be evaluating the most recent social media tool, discovering the newest industry publication and yes – even evaluating the best web browsers – it is critical as PR professionals to stay stay on top of the game.

 So, will I be downloading Firefox? Yes.

 Do I think Firefox will be easier to use than Internet Explorer? Possibly.

 Will I be professing my love for it during my next blog post? Stay tuned to find out.