The Matter Social Second: 10.20.2020

By Matter

Welcome to the first edition of The Matter Social Second – a monthly series keeping you informed on everything happening in social media. Check out the latest social media news and insights from our social media pros.

How is COVID-19 affecting LinkedIn ads?

COVID-19 has favorably affected social media ads, as cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-impression have both seen decreases on some platforms. LinkedIn has seen significant decreases, enabling advertisers to buy high-quality LinkedIn traffic at a 13% discount.

“Because CPC on the platform is down ~13%, compared to pre-pandemic 2020, it continues to be a great time to test and invest on LinkedIn.” – Kacie McFadden, Social Media Specialist

Facebook’s 20% Text Rule Lifted

Since 2013, Facebook required all advertising images to have less than 20% text, resulting in advertisers moving messaging to the post’s copy.  With the lifting of this requirement, advertisers can now freely explore different engagement possibilities when launching ads. 

“This will be especially valuable for B2B advertising on Facebook, as more information can now be included in the image.  Images are the most influential part of an ad, as it’s the first thing attracting viewers’ attention when scrolling through their feeds.” – Kalina Neskoska, Social Media Strategist

LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn has joined platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook by adding a Stories feature to their platform, LinkedIn looks to be ‘bringing a professional twist’ to Stories. 

“LinkedIn’s new organic feature presents opportunities for interactive live Q&As, real time event updates, brand announcements and more. As a whole, ephemeral content is taking the lead on social media with 62% of people saying they become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in a Story.” – Ashley MacLaughlin, Social Media Specialist

Pinterest Adds New Ad Slots Ahead of Holiday Shopping Push

Pinterest, capitalizing on the rising number of online shoppers using the platform as a virtual shopping mall, has added new ad slots and expanded its personalized shopping recommendations.

“Online shopping platforms continue enhance their abilities to seamlessly integrate ads into users’ shopping experiences, something Pinterest has already done flawlessly. The improvements to their personal shopping experience will be a gamechanger, as online personal shopping demands will likely increase exponentially this holiday season.” – Howard Brown, Senior Manager, Social Media

Facebook Responds to Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma”

Last month, Netflix released their new documentary, “The Social Dilemma”, which took a look at social media’s effects on the lives and minds of those who consume it. The documentary caused enough of a stir to drive Facebook to respond stating, “we should have conversations around the impact of social media in our lives. But ‘The Social Dilemma’ buries the substance in sensationalism”.

“This documentary forces the viewer to really think about the purpose of social media and its impact on society. Knowing how damaging it can be, the major players (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) must re-evaluate what the future will look like. Creating meaningful interactions and fostering community are more important than ever.” – Nicole McNeill, Social Media Specialist