What do fizzy drinks, cybersecurity and sustainable energy have in common? 

By Tim Bradley

It’s the Q1 2022 LATEST + GREATEST FROM MATTER VIDEO + AUDIO for your enjoyment!

Wait a second… what month is it? Are we in April already? What’s the right way to describe 2022 so far? In a word, it’s been nuts – simultaneously dragging on forever and flying by at lightspeed. January feels like ages ago, but just yesterday it was March? Time… Whoa. 

Anyway, from our agency-wide ski day fueled by The Weeknd’s Dawn FM to the nostalgic Super Bowl halftime show, and from the many plot twists of Billions toTurning Red turning heads (and hopefully de-stigmatizing that awkward and universally relatable time of life), we’ve had quite a Q1. And we haven’t even mentioned the amazing clients and projects we had an opportunity to work on! Speaking of which, we’re excited to show off some of our recent work with this Q1 2022 Video + Audio reel!

Thank you, clients and collaborators! 

And hey, while we’re at it, let’s take a closer look at a couple of the client projects from Q1 that we’re especially proud of.

Getting Anamorphic with ThreatX

What pops into your head when you think about cyberattacks? Is it binary code, cascading down a screen like in The Matrix? Or how about a dark, mysterious figure in a hoodie surrounded by computer screens, surfing the dark web for their next target? No shade, but neither of those are really it. In fact, there’s a lot the average person doesn’t know about cyberattacks – not the least of which is what they look like. Thankfully, specialists like our client ThreatX do, and they’re generous enough to show us, so we can know what to look for. When they came to us asking for a video with eye-catching visuals that explained some cyberattack specifics without leaning into clichés, we jumped at the opportunity to blow them away. (And in the video, we literally did, with a huge fan!) We had a blast concepting and shooting this at LUME’s incredible Blackout Studio in New York, where we got to play with live, custom 3D animations on massive TV walls and towers. The lighting was low, but the video is lit. 

A Bubbly Brand Anthem for Bevi

People these days love seltzer. It’s a joyful alternative to sugary sodas and boring old tap water. And after the last couple years, we could all probably use a seltzer – or four – to bring a little bubbliness into our lives. But between trying to agree on flavors (pamplemousse, anybody?), arguing the bubble characteristics of various brands, and shaming each other for the environmental impacts of single-use packaging, it’s hard to find any consensus in the bubbly water space. Enter Bevi: the smart water dispenser that gives you total control of flavors and fizz while hitting all your workplace sustainability targets. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, it is! But as a brand, Bevi needed some content to differentiate themselves in the busy marketplace (see above) while tying the product to the end-user experiences it enables. Enter Matter’s brand-elevating video team. We shot on location at their HQ, mixed green screen reactions with real product shots and branded iconography, and even threw fruit into a fish tank for some extra splashes of (on-brand) color. The result? A brand video that balances product and value props with gorgeous animations and joyful customer outcomes. We think it’s downright fizzy! 

Hitachi Social Innovation’s Sustainable Energy Success Story

We love our partnership with Hitachi. From producing explainer videos and audio blogs to customer success stories and everything in between, our team is trusted with some of their most important content needs. And with their Social Innovation portfolio, we get to report on some of their most essential work. One such project is with Energy Harbor, a midwestern provider of sustainable energy that optimized their system in partnership with Hitachi. But sustainability means more than just remembering to turn the lights off. We delved deeper than the optimization story to better understand why sustainability is so important to both Energy Harbor and Hitachi Energy. This perfectly human story about an energy utility was shot on site in Akron, OH, in the homes and workplaces of the people making our sustainable future possible. (Check out this behind-the-scenes video to learn even more about how we made it and why this kind of story matters so much to us.)

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