What I Learned at Boulder PR Firm Matter Communications

By Matter

“Wow, this place was awarded among ‘Best Places to Work’ five times in a row, TOO!?” I thought to myself as I applied for a position at Matter a little over three months ago. Could I really begin my Public Relations career at my dream agency? Coming out as a college graduate, it’s hard to be too picky when it comes to your first real job – but if I could have picked a place to start, it was Matter Communications.

Lo and behold – three months later, I can now reflect back on my amazing time here at Matter and all that I have experienced in a short amount of time. Here are a few things that I believe set Matter apart from the pack:

The People

I never knew it was possible to feel like you know someone without ever having met them – especially in an agency that has five separate offices across three different time zones. While it’s different when it comes to coordinating schedules, it’s awesome to be able to have such a large company, yet feel so close to your teams. Our new Boulder office has already had many visitors come through from other offices – something that’s encouraged and practiced throughout the year among all the offices.

The Culture

While the Boulder office is still brand new and people who moved here from our main office in Newburyport are still adjusting to new life, we still make it a point to have fun and relieve stress whenever we can. Grabbing dinner and drinks after a long work day? Yep! Going to a Broncos game? You bet! Skydiving?? Okay, not skydiving. But, maybe one day…

The Knowledge

The amount of experience and pure skill that everyone possesses at Matter, whether having 15 years of experience or 1, is remarkable. Everyone just has those special qualities you need to be successful not only in a public relations, but in an agency. You can rest easy knowing that everyone around you is great at what they do, and can count on the expertise of your colleagues to be dependable and rock-solid – things I think that’s that makes Matter stand out.

Can you ever truly be ready for life in the real world? Maybe. But being a part of a company that genuinely cares for its clients and employees in ways that I didn’t think were possible before I started working here, as well as being around great people, definitely helps to adjust. It’s been awesome seeing this company grow just in the short time I’ve been here, and I’m excited to be on this ride to see where it goes.