Why Your Brand Needs Audiograms

By Gabe Gerzon


What is an Audiogram?

Audiograms are the video-ification of a short piece of audio – usually a spoken quote or sound bite combined with visual elements, such as photos, graphics, animated subtitles and sound waveforms to reinforce the spoken word. And they’re perfect for our “new normal” times, because you can create them 100% remotely!

Audiograms are especially effective on social sites (where audio files themselves aren’t supported) as they’re a great way to boost engagement and capture users’ attention, whether or not their volume is enabled — which is important, given 85% of Facebook video is consumed without sound. Plus, they’re inclusive of the visually and/or audibly impaired, both underserved populations marketers often overlook.

What Works Best in an Audiogram?

While the possibilities are endless, here are the most enduring and effective use cases: 

Testimonial Clips

Whether you pull a line from last year’s testimonial video or capture new audio recordings from your client, audiograms are a great medium for sharing the social proof that comes from persuasive Customer Success Stories.

For example, Wentworth Senior Living wanted to spotlight the high quality of care and sense of community they offer their residents. Due to COVID, traditional video production couldn’t take place within their walls, so we shipped microphones to residents and their children, and conducted remote interviews instead. The audiograms we produced from these interviews convey firsthand the superior level of care at Wentworth Senior Living, helping provide comfort and confidence to prospective community members and their families.

Brand Announcements

Elevate the importance and polish of your brand’s or C-suite’s key announcements. Your internal and external audiences want to understand your brand, so inspire them by sharing your position and actions on the challenges facing your company, your industry or even society at large.

Recently, we created an audiogram for UMass Memorial Healthcare, sharing their heartfelt thanks to their frontline caregivers, which resonates with healthcare workers and the wider public. It includes user-generated photos from caregivers, branded imagery, encouraging music and authentic voice-over. 

Podcast or Webinar Promotions

By plucking pithy, exciting :15-:30 quotes from your upcoming podcast episodes or webinars, you can help drive awareness and interest, ultimately helping to grow your subscribers — an especially effective tactic if you’re consistently putting audiograms in front of your audience.

Audiograms are an exciting new opportunity to further engage and activate your audience, especially now as the usual playbook has been thrown out the window. Why not try something novel?

Audiograms engage those quickly scrolling through content on social media and are a great way to share bite-sized pieces of audio-driven content and grab the viewer’s attention in those precious, first few seconds.

Regardless of your starting point, we’ll work with you to craft the messaging, branding, look and sound to create compelling Audiograms that speak to your audience (literally). No cookie cutter solutions here!

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