Your Company Video: Would YOU Watch It?

By Tim Bradley

You’ve invested your staff’s time and internal resources. You’ve budgeted for the video production and editing. And now you have a brand new video for your company’s website, social media, or otherwise. But did you ever stop to ask yourself, “Would I watch this video?” Sadly, the answer for many company employees is “no.” Whether it’s getting bogged down by too many details, or the visuals are just not that compelling (read: too much talking heads), or the overall production value is simply lack-luster – somewhere along the way the “creative” was lost in the creative process.

Video is the medium to experiment and explore fun and engaging ways to connect with your respective audience. And who knows your audience better than YOU? No need to “play it safe” and produce the same-old-song-and-dance type product that is, frankly, boring. As obvious as this is to a B2C company, it also applies to B2B. Enter “Human to Human” (H2H). When someone clicks “play” on that YouTube video, they expect to have an emotional, human connection to that video. Whether through the character development, the “problem” or situation, or the overall story line, your audience wants and expects to relate to some element of that video. If that connection is not there, the video will fall flat and the investment is wasted.

The takeaway: at the very beginning, the pre-production of the creative process, just ask yourself: “Would I watch this?” If not, then go back to the drawing board and find that compelling story that best represents and relates to your company’s audience. A story that makes them connect with the humans behind the business.