You’ve Got Mail: How to Create an Engaging Media Mailer

By Kirsten Minnon

In the age of digital communication there’s something uniquely exciting about getting a hand-written card or package in the mail. For PR pros pitching products, recreating this feeling for your media contacts can be a great way to stand out in a sea of thousands of emails. This post shares tips on how to execute an elevated media mailer that is memorable and clearly communicates your brand message.


The best time to consider an elevated media mailer is around a consumer product or service launch. The “new” factor is critical for most editors to consider coverage so it’s the perfect time to showcase what makes this addition unique or innovative. While a launch is a more obvious choice, a packaged delivery is also a memorable way to invite media to a brand event, tie into seasonal gift guides or to break through the clutter and secure that booth appointment at a tradeshow your client is attending.


The Packaging and Delivery

Editors are likely receiving several packages (and hundreds of emails) every day from brands, so it’s important to think about how to make your mailer stand out and also tell a captivating story.

  • Materials: The packaging is your first opportunity to make a good impression so make sure to give the box itself the time, attention and creativity it deserves. It should also convey the main message you’re trying to communicate. For example, if your product is all about clean, organic ingredients the packaging should reflect that—think eco-friendly materials, natural graphics and earth tone coloring etc.
  • Creative Element: Let your brand’s product shine, but don’t be afraid to get a little creative with a bonus element that stands out as a wow factor. Just a few examples of cool things we’ve done for clients that were well received—an interactive online personality quiz, products delivered inside a giant balloon, a tradeshow survival kit, lunchtime soup delivery in a branded thermos, customized Mission Impossible themed video invites—the key here is curating that surprise and delight moment.
  • Visual Messaging: A creative leave-behind is also a great way to clearly communicate why you’re sending this package. Whether it’s a custom piece of graphic collateral or a video, it’s important to have a story-telling element that ties everything together.



Remember your mom always telling you that a hand written thank you note makes a big impression? Not surprisingly, she was right. And the same goes for helping to give your mailer an added oomph. Including a brief note to an editor with a personal anecdote, a reason why you think their readers will care about this and a “thanks so much for considering” helps you build a stronger rapport and hopefully establish an ongoing relationship.


Social Share-ability, It’s a Real Thing

Social media adds a true opportunity for amplification. While the ultimate goal of any mailer is to help land that awesome piece of media coverage or secure that interview, that may not happen immediately. But having that editor open your mailer and gush about it on their Instagram story can be equally as sweet. Sending a package that is high-end, visually stunning and requires #nofilter is essential to creating that Instagram-worthy opportunity for added awareness.


Want to learn more about the media mailers I’ve worked on? Let me know!