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Unitil is an electric and natural gas utility serving Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Shortly after a large acquisition that doubled the size of the company in both reach and customer base, the region experienced one of the worst natural disasters in its history. It saw a hit to its reputation that caused the company to rethink the way it communicated to its customers, investors, and partners. Across the organization, communications became a major focus.


After conducting intense internal and external research and reviews, the first order of business was to establish a new way for the company to speak about itself. A new tagline — “energy for life” — was born, humanizing the brand and communicating the idea that its employees and customers are really one in the same. This new positioning was infused into every touchpoint with customers. A new communications strategy, messaging, marketing materials, and a robust new website were all designed to help the utility positively and effectively communicate with its audiences.


Matter continues to be an integrated part of Unitil’s team, completing ongoing work such as video and animation series that tell employee stories, animations and infographics that describe processes in a simple way, and social media management that helps the company keep on top of communications with its followers. The brand continues to grow and strengthen every year.