It is a pleasure working with the Matter teams. They all deliver amazing, out of the box thinking and guidance. Anyone interested in working with them should give me a call!

– GUY YEHIAV, General Manager, Zebra Analytics



Pieces of Coverage


Profitect engaged the Matter team in 2018 to help grow the company’s brand, educate the market on prescriptive analytics, and drive thought leadership in retail and business publications. Working closely with CEO Guy Yehiav and his communications team, Matter created a robust and agile program that included media relations, content creation and social media support.


As the relationship evolved, Matter became CEO Guy Yehiav’s go-to for building his thought leadership profile. Guy and his team tapped the Matter team for content creation, drafting of social media posts, and the creation of infographics and videos which aided in several sales cycles. Guy considered Matter an “extension of the team” and was impressed by the creative, relevant angles brought to the table during quarterly brainstorms.


In 2019, the team secured pieces in The New York Times on Amazon Prime Day, an article in ZDNet educating readers about prescriptive analytics, a customer feature in Diginomica, and more. Profitect was acquired by Zebra Technologies - a global leader in tech solutions for retail and other industries - in May 2019, and Guy noted that PR and the thought leadership and brand building work Matter supported was instrumental in that decision. Ultimately, the decision was made to maintain Matter in a content creation role alongside Zebra’s other PR agencies due to the excellent work of the team throughout the engagement.