Boulder Named Happiest City in the United States – We Agree!

By Matter

With mountains at your doorstep, a booming market breeding innovation, and a culture that attracts an active and healthy lifestyle, it’s no wonder that Boulder was recently named the happiest city in the United States by National Geographic. And while the city continues to grow into the tech mecca that it’s becoming known for, it still somehow remains to keep its unique, hippy happy charm.

So, what is it that makes so many people move here? And what triggered the rapid business growth? The index explored in National Geographic’s piece covered both people’s satisfaction with Boulder’s career and lifestyle opportunities, investigating 15 different metrics which included healthy eating, civic engagement, financial security and vacation time. The findings suggest Boulderites felt fulfilled across the board, and our staff in the Matter Boulder office can’t argue with that!

Boulder probably inspires images of Rocky Mountains and hikes through the wildflowers, but what you may not know, is  it has also nurtured a thriving start-up scene. More and more companies are moving to Boulder because of the very assets that have made it the happiest city in country. In addition to a myriad of startups, forward thinking tech giants like Google and Twitter call Boulder home because they understand the value a city like ours can provide to employees.

This burgeoning growth has also created a need for external resources to help these businesses prosper – a trend Matter quickly recognized. Upon opening our Boulder office nearly two and a half years ago, it was clear that the combination of “tech hub” + “high happiness index” would be a winning combination for a PR company like ours. As a result, our Boulder employees have become adept at balancing the fast paced demands of our many tech/startup clients with taking time to kick back with a local beer or hitting the slopes.

While moving here definitely isn’t the only key to happiness, Boulder acts as an important reminder to us all that a balanced lifestyle beyond the walls of an office is integral in doing your best work and living a happy and fulfilled life.  

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