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Step into the realm of strategic media buying with MatterMKTG. We’re masters at securing prime ad placements across diverse platforms, maximizing your brand’s exposure while optimizing your budget. With an understanding of audience targeting and market trends, we ensure every penny spent drives meaningful engagement and conversions. Let us be your partners in navigating the complex landscape of media buying, where precision meets profitability.

Services Include

Vendor Relations
Buying team evaluates media vendor proposals and negotiates buys to secure premium ad placement and efficient pricing. Negotiating with media vendors to secure favorable rates, placements, and added value opportunities. Skilled negotiation can help in maximizing the impact of the advertising budget and obtaining the best possible deals.

Budget Tracking + Optimization
Making data-driven adjustments to media buying strategies in real-time to improve campaign performance. This may involve reallocating budget to top-performing channels, refining targeting criteria, or adjusting creative elements to maximize results.

Ad Trafficking
Coordinating the delivery of advertising assets to media vendors and ensuring that ads are scheduled and delivered as planned. This involves managing logistics, deadlines, and technical specifications to ensure smooth execution of campaigns.

Creative Alignment
Media team will outline specific creative spec requirements at the placement level, working closely with the creative team to ensure best practices are being met and that ads are sized appropriately for each of the channels/buys.

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