Digital Marketing

Whether you want to drive growth, increase brand awareness or launch a new offering, we offer digital marketing strategies to meet your goals. We build strategies, craft content and implement campaigns that blend social media, digital advertising, search and content marketing.

How We Can Help

Consulting & Strategy

Before launching digital initiatives, we work closely to ensure we have the right plan to reach the right audience with the right messages. From messaging and positioning to development of buyer personas and analysis of their online behavior, Matter’s digital strategy team sets the foundation for a strong content program.

Content & Creative

After your buyers and messaging are understood, our team dives into content creation for all digital channels. Our in-house team of creative talent tailors on-brand content and copy for all your unique platforms, whether your website, email campaigns, banner ads, video channels or blog.

Execution & Optimization

With a strategy in place and a portfolio of content at the ready, our team begins hands-on execution and distribution via your website, blogs, social media, advertising, email marketing and PR. We closely measure content performance across all channels and adjust our efforts based on where awareness and purchase behavior are growing or need a push.


  • Search Marketing

    93% of online experiences start with a search engine. Through search engine optimization (SEO) and paid programs, we ensure your brand appears where your customers are. We make sure your customer can seamlessly flow through your conversion funnel to your desired called to action.

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  • Targeted Digital Advertising

    Matter's digital advertising programs grow your audience and drive demand. Targeted and strategic cross-channel programs integrate seamlessly into your customer's digital experiences and deliver clear and measurable ROI.

    As your partner, Matter will:
    - Assess current audience data to define targeting
    - Define personas through quantitative and qualitative research
    - Create a multi-channel platform approach, utilizing display, social and mobile advertising
    -Develop creative assets in support of the campaign, including design, copy and video, to ensure your message resonates with the audience
    - Execute, manage and optimize the digital advertising program
    - Integrate into existing analytics and CRM data to create clear and concise reporting that aligns with business objectives

  • Conversion Marketing

    Driving site traffic is where a marketing program starts, but conversion marketing is where the customer journey begins. Conversion marketing programs at Matter focus on the segment of your audience that is already engaged. We tap into your email, analytics and CRM data to build programs that turn your site traffic into leads, and your leads into customers.

    As your partner, Matter will:
    - Conduct an audit of your CRM system
    - Build and deploy an email program that utilizes marketing automation capabilities
    - Execute a remarketing program across paid channels
    - Develop and execute a cross-segment content strategy for paid and owned channels
    - Optimize website and key landing pages for conversion

  • Digital Strategy, Analytics, Insights

    All aspects of Matter's digital marketing programs are rooted in research and analytics. Our team will digs deep into your data to understand overall performance, along with the value of leads, time to convert, lead quality and which channels deliver best. These insights become the foundation of an ROI-driven digital program acutely aligned to your business goals.

    As your partner, Matter will:
    - Drive overall digital strategy, making recommendations on channels, creative, and messaging and website strategy
    - Conduct market research to define brand positioning, personas and messaging strategy
    - Audit and implement web analytics, including setup of conversion tracking
    - Connect marketing data to CRM system to create a 360-degree view of marketing's role in lead generation and sales
    - Ongoing analytics and insights reporting

Client Experience

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