Optimizing Your Marketing Technology Stack and Scaling Operations To Empower Marketing and Sales Teams.

Your marketing team can only be as effective as the systems and tools you use. Matter’s team is experienced with most of the leading CRM and marketing automation platforms, creating engagement strategies, creating lead flows, and integrating with key 3rd party tools to ensure your marketing systems are running smoothly.

Services Include

CRM Management
Setting up and optimizing customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to close the gap between marketing and sales for better marketing operations.

Email Marketing
Marketing automation strategies built to nurtures leads based on engagement over long sales cycles or keep consumers engaged and promote repeat purchases.

Lifecycle Marketing
Buying cycles can often be long and complex. Even after an initial purchase, the work is rarely complete. Matter’s lifecycle marketing team creates engagement strategies across the buying cycle, including post-purchase and retention.

Sales Automation
Partnering with sales development reps (SDRs) Matter’s team helps automate and augment basic sales tasks, allowing your sales team to focus on setting meetings and closing deals.

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