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Get Ahead Of Your Competition With Constantly Evolving SEM Strategies

Hyper-target new customers with custom search keyword and display advertising campaigns tailored to your business and needs. At Matter we do not take a ‘Set it and Forget it’ approach as we constantly optimize campaigns based on performance and your needs to drive results while leveraging cross-channel communication to determine the best strategies.

Services Include

Search Keyword Campaigns
With search keyword campaigns being predominant drivers of low-funnel, high-interest traffic, Matter’s SEM team leverages top industry tools, omni-channel input, and collaboration with our clients to generate keyword campaigns that can build awareness and garner high-quality leads &/or purchases. These campaigns work in tandem with a great SEO strategy to ensure your business’s ads are showing at the top of prominent search engine results such as Google and Bing. Most importantly, we strive to show above your competition with superior ads to generate the best possible results.

Display Campaigns
With Matter’s extensive experience and hyper-targeting approach, our goal is to have your display & image ads show on relevant sites to your business as opposed to others’ strategies of blanketing ads across major publications. We take a refined approach, working with other Matter teams to determine where it makes sense to show personalized ads created by our in-house creative team. Show just your consumer-base your ads and gain awareness in your industry.

YouTube Campaigns
YouTube is a great space to increase interest in your brand with captivating content; leveraging Matter’s Video team we are able to generate YouTube video ads and place them on relevant content to ensure engagement, retention, and awareness on the internet’s second largest search engine. Or we can take your videos and provide feedback to make them more YouTube-friendly to maximize the results you’re looking for.

Account Audits + Optimizations
If you have a Google Ads or Bing account and are unhappy with the results you are driving, Matter specializes in auditing and picking out areas in need of change and optimization. It’s not always that an account needs to be built from scratch but instead needs new eyes to look under the hood and determine areas of opportunity to boost performance. There are many levers to dive into and our capable team is ready to dive in, share the results, and make changes.

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