Arresting visuals bring your story to life. Matter’s in-house creative group is chock full of award-winning audio, video, graphic design, and animation pros. Drawing on insights from your brand and target consumers, our team crafts content designed to educate, inspire and create action.

Branded Video + Commercials

From small and large production teams to contact-less and remote solutions, we deliver high-performance video assets with clear and concise messaging to help you expand your business and attract potential customers. And we have the gear to get it done, from 4K cameras to gimbals, drones and professional remote recording kits. learn more >

Motion Graphics + Animation

When your business has targets to hit, you need credible, customer-centric content that builds brand awareness, increases conversion rates, grows loyalty – and dazzles your audience. From custom logo animations to fully animated explainers, our dedicated team of motion graphic designers and animators breathe life into your assets. And help you move the needle. learn more >

Original Series + Podcasts

The banter of colleagues. The insights of experts. No matter your industry or size, original series and podcasts provide a unique opportunity to reveal your brand’s bright ideas and humanity – helping you stand out, connect with consumers and achieve brand affinity. From show conception to streaming, we create, manage and measure audience engagement. learn more >

Virtual Events, Hybrid Events + Webinars

When you’ve got a vital message to share with your customers, peers and employees in real time, it’s time to go live. We offer streamlined remote video and audio production services that help you relate to your audience, amplify your message and form that human connection. learn more >

Brand Identity

You know how you see your brand. But how people view you is defined by the fonts, colors, graphics, iconography and photography you use. Modern, bold, sophisticated, understated, classic — brand identities can take on many different personalities. Through our methodical approach and diverse creative perspectives, we’ll revitalize your aesthetic and bring your brand to life. So, who do you want to be?


Every brand has a story. But to tell one that connects with your audience, you need to 86 the jargon and craft language that is understandable and inspiring – and propels consumers to act. Our copy team has the writing chops and hard opinions on grammar to spin even the most complex offerings into digestible, enjoyable pieces of content.


We see the world in Pantone colors. InDesign is in our blood. Creating something new is the coffee that powers our day. Our design mavericks live to help brands realize the importance of visual expression. From logos and websites to infographics, digital ads and beyond, we can help you communicate your ideas through dazzling designs that capture your audience’s attention and imagination. learn more >

Brand Campaigns

We dive deep into your brand ethos and messaging to prime your project for success from the start. Our conversations and research guarantee your campaign won’t just look pretty, it’ll drive results too. Our approach combines creative thinking with sound strategy to communicate the right message to the right audience.

Websites (UX/UI) + Development

Your website has just seconds to impress your audience. Make them count. Whether you need a simple landing page, a product microsite, or a dynamic website with complex API, CRM, POS, and lead gen integration, we have the expertise, the tools, and the tried-and-true approach to build pages that engage your audience and start a relationship. learn more >

Interactive Design

Audiences don’t want passive web experiences anymore. They want to engage with your brand and content in a deeper, more immersive way. That’s where we come in. From interactive games and quizzes to gamified thought leadership content and dynamic infographics, our interactive designs will help you glean insights into your audience and bring your ideas to life.

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