One does not simply come up with a successful marketing campaign. You need well-rounded tactics, a holistic understanding of your audience, analysis of your competition and a comprehensive vision for your brand. And you need a team like Matter to help you craft a strategy that stands out from the competition and turns consumers into loyal customers. 

Brand Planning + Positioning

To help you build a successful campaign for your brand, first thing’s first: We need to get to know you. We dive deep into your brand ethos and competitor analysis to map out a messaging and brand positioning strategy that guides us as we create marketing materials and tactics that show your brand as unique, memorable and attractive.

Business + Opportunity Assessments

With so many opportunities to seize, customer segments to target and needs to address, choosing a direction for your marketing program can feel like whack-a-mole. We’ll show you how to assess opportunities and hammer the ones that drive your business forward, helping you stand out from the competition with a meaningful, unique position.

Thought Leadership

Content may be king. But not every piece is worthy of a crown. To build a content strategy that elevates your company to industry experts, prioritizing thought leadership is a proven, effective way of getting the competition to kiss your ring – propelling you to the top of your field while informing your peers and customers of your unique perspectives and innovative offerings.

Campaign Development

Campaigns are about more than dazzling design and compelling copy (though also: yes, those too). To bring your brand to life through thoughtful creative executions, we work with you to understand your campaign objectives and creative requirements, so we can craft a proper messaging and brand identity platform that will capture your audience’s attention.

Holistic Media Planning + Buying

Alright, you’ve got your creative assets and campaign activations set. Great! Now what? We work with your team to gain a deeper understanding of your business objectives, target personas and competition to pinpoint the strategy, budget, media vehicles and programs that’ll set you up for success from the start.

Competitive Audit

You’re in a competitive market. As consumers try to decide which brand to go with, they’ll want to know: What makes you special? With our competitive audit, we’ll show you the lay of the land, assessing competitor messaging, branding, content and media spend to determine how to circumvent their efforts and craft tactics and assets that’ll help your brand shine brighter than the rest.

Persona Development

Before you start marketing to your audience, you want to figure out a few important things, like: Who are they? What do they like? What do they need? Through a mix of stakeholder and audience interviews, industry research, and audience media consumption analysis, we’ll build a buyer persona framework to help you address their needs, pain points and desires – and turn customers into loyal advocates.

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