Accelerating the Cure, Redefining Care, and Building Community with CureDuchenne

With a mission to find a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, CureDuchenne utilizes an innovative venture philanthropy model to bring its cause forward. To break through today’s cluttered fundraising world and position itself as the leading organization fighting Duchenne, CureDuchenne sought the help of Matter to help create a strategic, cohesive, integrated campaign to promote its myriad fundraising events.

Matter worked with CureDuchenne to tailor a strategy to help its spartan marketing team make a bigger impact. By homing in on key marketing tactics under a cohesive strategy, Matter developed a best-in-class program focused on an end-of-year fundraising blitz, resplendent with creative, graphics, social media assets and a complete marketing execution. By rethinking marque events, Matter helped CureDuchenne optimize marketing efforts to better support fundraising goals, broadening its donation base and boosting cause awareness.

To make Duchenne a more visceral experience, we brought Duchenne patients’ unfiltered stories to life, telling of their struggles and triumphs in an unfiltered, impactful manner. Through a cohesive realignment of its brand and messaging, Matter revamped its marketing process to sync up CureDuchenne’s collateral — from email, social and creative to search, PR and content — giving CureDuchenne an impactful way to spread the word about its cause and work towards the goal of curing Duchenne.



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  • After interviewing seven agencies, we decided to go with Matter and we could not be happier. Our extensive team at Matter is incredibly responsive and act as an extension of our staff. They have all immersed themselves in our business and take initiative to improve the way we communicate before we ask. Many marketing agencies brag about how they can do it all, but this is rarely the case — Matter is an exception. From creativity to SEO to video production to PR, Matter has gone above and beyond our expectations and we are thrilled to be working with them.

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