Month: April 2012

Magazine publishing becoming more personal

In the age of personalization, none of us is very surprised anymore to walk down a supermarket aisle and see approximately 1,752 different brands and varieties of shampoo. As consumers, we’ve gotten so used to customized products and offers personalized to our needs that we have come to expect it. That trend has even spread to the world of publishing.

The So What of Social

As PR professionals it’s our job to be on top of news at it breaks. While the news may one day be about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and the recent death of musical and broadcast legend Dick Clark the next, being in the know allows us to not only understand the world around us and hot topics, but also provides our clients with an invaluable resource.

It Takes More Than Talent…

We recognize that Matter Chatter’s been a little sports-heavy lately, but we’re unabashed fans here at Matter, so forgive us.   Besides, sports and sports celebrity give us a perfect eye into media trends that are absolutely applicable in the business environment.

Fundamentals Matter

The soccer players on Team Australia are a smart, savvy and passionate bunch. They are committed to the sport of soccer and to improving their game. They are full of energy and have a seemingly endless desire to be better. Also, they are also six and seven year old girls. I am their coach.