Month: May 2010

New versus Old Media

Are bloggers wired differently than traditional journalists? This week I came across new research by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism that uses hard data to quantify the differences between the news agenda of new and old media.

Team Players

Over the last few days, some of Matter’s employees (myself included) have been working on a special project that needed some last-minute great results. As I was making a few well-placed phone calls today, I realized that the way we approached the project really set us up for success.

Face-to-Face Meetings Really Matter

Last week I accompanied a client at the MIT CIO Symposium event in Cambridge, MA. The event drew more than 800 participants from the high-tech industry as well as 50 relevant journalists. Everyone who has attended these types of events in the past understands that it can be difficult to schedule face time because participants have their own agenda. Luckily with some persistence, the client was able… Read more »

Currency and questions

Michael Arrington’s recent post about his exchanges with the PR group at Fortune have stirred up some lively discussions – online and around the office. We’ve kept the profanity that is common among TechCrunch commentators out of our debates, but have nonetheless tried to get to the right side of the debate.

This just in.

One of the things I love about working at a PR agency is no client is ever the same. There are always new challenges, new pitches and new strategies to be deployed. Though our clients often have products to be launched and reviews to be secured, recently I’ve had the pleasure of working on an account in which our team must rely on the expertise of… Read more »

Matter Communications Adds Five New Clients

Click Here to View PDF > Newburyport, Mass. – Matter Communications, Inc, a full-service public relations agency specializing in high-technology and consumer markets, announced today that it is now working with five new clients: Digital Reef, inVNT, Kubota Image Tools, MOO and Spider Holster. By adding these companies to its client roster, the agency extends its expertise in the digital imaging, printing, software and high-technology spaces.

The Ultimate Customer Reference

Had a wonderful time reading this in-depth piece on Gawker’s automotive site, Jalopnik. Not only is this a fantastic story told quite well, its one of those excellent reminders that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The Networking Event

It usually goes one of two ways… The room is full, comfortable folks milling about, armed with cocktails and smiles, exchanging business cards, swapping stories. But you’re not feeling it. You’d like nothing more than to shy away, go home and hide out in your PJs.