Month: February 2017

Three Takeaways for Businesses to Succeed with Video in 2017

Vidyard, a video platform that helps businesses host, manage and analyze their video content, just released their 2017 Video in Business Benchmarking report. These findings are based on “first-party data collected from the Vidyard video platform from more than 500 businesses and over 600 million video streams within the last twelve months.” For those decision makers and digital marketers looking to move the needle with video… Read more »

What to Do Before Influencers Go Off the Rails

Any brand managers who have seen the news about PewDiePie’s anti-Semitic remarks are asking themselves: what will we do if our brand ambassadors screw up? I hope you haven’t encountered any debacles that have you questioning the future of your work with outside influencers, but – I’m sad to say – the odds are good that you will. Don’t panic. Before you’re ever forced to cross… Read more »