Month: August 2018

Media on the Move: Week of August 27

Amid the natural disaster catastrophes and political calamity heating up in August, the media landscape continues to shift. Reporters are making moves to digital newsrooms, going in-house for private companies or moving on to other endeavors. On Tuesday, the Omaha World-Herald announced it eliminated 23 staff positions, including 10 layoffs. Slightly less sympathetic, but just as significant, the New York Daily News cut half its newsroom… Read more »

Emerging Food Trends: Transparency Reigns Supreme

In the food and beverage space trends are constantly evolving, and companies need to stay ahead of the curve to remain relevant and appealing to fickle consumer palates. Ever since Sex and the City was credited with putting cupcakes on the map—and kitchens across the country—trend forecasters and brands alike have scrambled to predict the “next big thing” to hit grocery shelves. Charcoal and alternative flours… Read more »

Where to Find Matter: Providence Fall 2018

Ocean Inno Tech Fest (#OITF2018) Thursday, September 13 Matter will proudly display from a tent on the field, and we’ll also be conducting free, individual Open Door consultations. Stop by to meet our team, learn about PR for tech companies, and even get some strategic advice. Purchase OITF tickets here!  

Matter’s Helping Hands Volunteer Recap for July 2018

Matter’s Helping Hands initiative encourages a nationwide community service effort that is rewarding and fulfilling for all of the employees. With 1000 plus hours of impactful volunteer work done each year, Matter is truly making an impact on its surrounding communities.    163 volunteer hours! This past month, Matter employees nationwide reached a combined total of 163 volunteer hours. This brings the current yearly total to… Read more »

Why The #DeleteFacebook Movement Was More Successful Than People Think

When you first joined Facebook, were you concerned about your privacy? Before diving into the Facebook controversies of today, let’s take a look at where social networks began. Though not an exhaustive list of all the social media channels both then and now, the following timeline is to get us thinking about the evolution of social networks. LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ are… Read more »

Life Beyond Public Relations: Communicators in the Real World

A few months ago I wrote about how our first jobs make an impact on our careers in public relations. After a recent trip, I’ve come to realize that our jobs as communicators have a profound impact on our personal life skills. Earlier this year, I was traveling in Morocco, a country where the culture is rooted in bartering. I was on a mission to find… Read more »