Month: February 2019

Trending Towards Better in Cybersecurity in 2019?

In three short weeks, 45,000 info security professionals from around the globe will converge in San Francisco for the 12th annual RSAC. For those who are unable to attend or for anyone who is busy preparing for the event and wondering what the hot topics in cybersecurity, data, innovation and thought leadership will be, here’s a sneak peek at RSAC 2019 from yesterday’s Virtual Session: Annual Roundtable… Read more »

Media on the Move: Week of February 11, 2019

The ROI of journalism lies at the center of the industry’s contraction for the last decade-plus. Much ink has been spilled, and many hands wrung, over the slow asphyxiation of the practice once deemed just as critical to the success of a democratic country as the government. The first domino to fall was the loss of advertising revenue, which exposed the tenuous foundation of the business:… Read more »

Marketing Mojo: Insights from YMCA Boston VP of Marketing Irene Collins

Erin Brooks, marketing and communications specialist at Matter recently spoke with YMCA of Greater Boston VP of Marketing Irene Collins to discuss nonprofit marketing, storytelling, measurement and more. Check out the video from the interview and read below for the full conversation.   Erin Brooks (EB): Tell us a little about yourself and the YMCA of Greater Boston. Irene Collins (IC): My name is Irene Collins… Read more »

Creative Team Wins 8 Honors at the AVA Digital Awards

Matter’s Creative client work was recognized this year at the 2019 AVA Digital Awards. AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes outstanding work by creative professionals involved in the concept, direction, design and production of media that is part of the evolution of digital communication. Work ranges from audio and video productions- to websites that present interactive components such as video, animation, blogs, and podcasts-… Read more »