Month: January 2015

How Doing Good in Online Video Can Help Your Brand Do Well

  I find all too often that companies are using online video as a means to hammer home their services, products, values, and messaging- and just that. We all know the stats about how video is an engaging way to showcase what your business can do, but unless you’re the creator of an exciting new consumer tech product or are offering a deal that’s almost too… Read more »

New Year, New PR Resolutions

As we all return to a sense of normalcy and routine after a few weeks of holiday fun, this marks a good time for those of us at Matter to take a step back and re-raise the bar for 2015. While we continuously strive to better ourselves as masters of our craft, there’s something about a brand new year that encourages me to look at the… Read more »

The Daily (Creative) Routine

Check out this interactive infographic that we just came across showing the daily habits and routines of some of the world’s most iconic creative minds. The information has been culled from the calendars and journals kept by these writers, artists and musicians and have also been compiled into a book. Included are some pretty intriguing tidbits, such as that Charles Dickens spent 3–4 hours just walking… Read more »