Month: January 2011

Matter Communications Enters New Year With Five New Clients

Newburyport, Mass. –  Matter Communications, a full-service public relations agency specializing in high-technology and consumer markets, announced today that its services are now retained by five new clients: Crimson Hexagon, Datacolor, nSight Inc., Pepro and ReSolve. These companies join a growing roster of clients that rely on Matter’s holistic method for building brands through traditional and social media relations.

In this world of connectivity… Have we become disconnected?

As I snuggled into bed on this past week’s snowy Wednesday evening I realized I forgot to watch the President’s Speech in Tucson. Fortunately my smartphone was charging nearby so I opened my YouTube app and caught up on my current events. I smiled to myself as I thought of the iconic images of past Presidential speeches, families gathered around the radio waiting with bated breath… Read more »

I'd find it hard to believe that all journalists feel this way…

My colleague here at Matter, Nick Porter, sent me an article published by The Economist in the December 16 edition about the history and current state of the PR industry. While the examination of the start of the profession was undoubtedly interesting, the article was written in such a way that showed the writer had little if any respect for PR practitioners at all. At one… Read more »

Your vision or your money?

I know what Oprah would say, but I have to be honest, if I was the CEO of a company, profitability would be my main concern. Without the money, your vision can never be executed. Apparently Twitter’s CEO thinks differently.

PR on TV: More, Please!

Working in PR, we’ve probably all struggled to explain exactly what we do to family and friends. Our chosen profession is not as easily understood when compared to careers like being a teacher, lawyer, doctor, even an ad exec. In part, I suspect it’s because most people have seen those other professions accurately represented on TV shows and in movies. Yet it’s rare that a show… Read more »