Month: April 2014

The Anatomy of PR Success

Often in this business, you find yourself so far down in the weeds that determining what’s working well isn’t obvious. The smarter agencies have measurable metrics – something championed here at Matter since our inception eleven years ago – that ensure programs stay on track and achieve the results sought after by our clients. That being said, here are a number of ways that you can… Read more »

Switching to Public Relations (The Dark Side)

By Emily Quirk After 14 years in journalism, I made the switch to public relations in 2013. My colleagues harangued me with the typical mockery: “so, you’re going to the dark side” and “now we’ll be getting lame pitches from you too?” Part of me felt guilty over the decision. I had put blood, sweat and tears into my journalistic craft. I put in my share… Read more »

Never Content With Content Distribution

As our creative team is in the process of producing a satellite media tour that’s reaching no less than 25 national media outlets today – from the studio here at our office – the increased importance of solid distribution channels is on my mind. It should be on yours, too. As our business has evolved over the past decade, the quantity of channels for disseminating key… Read more »

Baseball needs a PR shake up

With baseball’s Opening Week upon us it’s a good time to take a deeper look into America’s pastime. Without some change, Baseball is in jeopardy of becoming a game of America’s past. The sport is extremely successful from a monetary stand point. Television contracts and players’ salaries have never been higher. However money doesn’t cure everything, and if the MLB doesn’t make some changes their place… Read more »

PR: Is Proximity Relative?

As the newest team member at Matter Communications in Portland, OR, I take time to reflect on the words of one of the most influential voices of my generation to help make my transition as seamless as possible: “When opportunity knocks, you better let him in. Sit him on down and try to be his friend.” I’ve taken Coolio’s words to heart during my first month… Read more »