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Google Says, “No More Cookies”: What Marketers Need to Know

Google recently announced yet another delay to the long-anticipated sunsetting of 3rd party cookies in Chrome, from the end of 2024 to sometime next year. While this provides more of a runway for marketers, when the change comes, it will impact more than half of all internet users – yes, you read that right. With user privacy in the spotlight, marketers must pivot strategies. How should… Read more »

Building a Balanced Healthcare Content Strategy

For healthcare marketers, content is still king. Whether you’re a start-up or a med-tech powerhouse, you won’t get far without crafting engaging brand stories to share with your audience across forums and media channels. The type of content you create and share should align with your business goals. Do you want to drive leads? Opt for a gated resource like an eBook or white paper. Want… Read more »

How Case Study Videos Spark Customer Imagination

Picture this: you’re the marketing leader for a product or service. You know how much your solution has helped your customers reach new levels of success. Plenty of prospects are aware of what you have to offer but converting these leads into closed deals has been a challenge. These potential clients are considering working with you, but it’s more than likely they’ll want to see some… Read more »

ChatGPT vs. Google Gemini: Which is Better for PR and Marketing?

It’s been 15 months since ChatGPT’s groundbreaking debut and about one year since Google Bard (rebranded as Gemini on Feb. 8) joined the GenAI fray. At this point, it feels like every marketer and communications professional on the planet has experimented with, if not regularly used, this emerging technology. After all, much of the job is researching, ideating, proofreading, drafting, fact-checking, and fine-tuning SEO strategy—all things… Read more »

In-House vs Agency vs Freelancer: Pros, Cons + What to Consider

Your company is taking off – a growing customer base, some brand awareness and a team that truly believes in your mission. And to bring your brand to the next level of growth, you know you’ll need additional support. Your team is ready to invest in marketing and/or public relations and your faced with an important decision: do I hire an agency, a freelancer or keep… Read more »

Riding The Green Wave: Topics That Resonate With Sustainability Reporters

Investment in climate tech may have been down in 2023, but the industry still outperformed all other sectors – underscoring an important message: the urgency of climate action and the lucrative potential of cleantech, even in challenging times. For innovators navigating a competitive industry with limited media resources – sustainability reporting has taken a major hit from recent media industry layoffs – the key to building… Read more »

Consumer Health and Wellness Trends

What Communications + Marketing Professionals Need to Know in 2024 It’s no secret the game changed significantly for how consumers view all aspects of health and wellness over the past five years – living through a global pandemic will do that! But beyond changing attitudes about hygiene and disease prevention, the growing spotlight on mental health and self-care, and the explosion in telehealth have had lasting… Read more »

15 Tech PR Predictions for 2024

It’s that time of year: predictions season! From generative AI’s impact on newsrooms, marketers and media to major moves from cybersecurity leaders, Matter’s tech team offers its thoughts on the top headlines and trends to expect in 2024. We know we’re we are only scratching the surface here. So, what are your predictions for tech in 2024? What headlines do you expect to see? Reach out… Read more »

Six PR + Marketing Must-Haves for B2B Brands

And here we are – rapidly approaching the end of the year, taking virtual cover as Year End analyses, Q1 strategic plans and drafts of annual reports fly in all directions. ’Tis the season of discovering where we’ve been and deciding where we’d like to go. Companies across verticals are taking this opportunity to examine their unexpected successes, their continued challenges and how they will communicate… Read more »

Why Reputation Management Is Essential In 2024

Reputation management can be easy to push to the side. Your brand is checking the boxes, you’re staying out of the media spotlight and you have happy customers – what’s wrong with all that? What is reputation management, anyway? Reputation management is one facet of crisis and strategic communications, focused on building a strategy to maintain the perception of your brand among your stakeholders. Managing a… Read more »

Ask a PR Pro: How do I Get my Products Into Holiday Gift Guides?

We regularly sit down with a member of Matter’s Precision team to ask how PR professionals can put best practices into action. This month, we asked Account Director, Kat Aronofsky, how brands can get their products into holiday gift guides. Kat has led consumer PR teams to critical coverage in Forbes, NYT Wirecutter, TODAY, Buzzfeed, Good Housekeeping, New York Magazine, Popsugar and more.  The holiday season… Read more »

Black Hat 2023 Recap: What Happened in Vegas

Black Hat USA – now in its 26th year – attracts an eclectic mix of hackers, academics, researchers, press, marketers, techies and vendors to discuss, debate and display the latest in cybersecurity. For those who didn’t make it to the conference and wondering what went down, here’s a recap of my two days on the ground in Vegas. Because not everything that happens in Vegas needs… Read more »

ePlurbus Unum: How to Repurpose Old Content into Fresh Digital Assets

The content your brand creates is kind of like a Gremlin. From a single specimen, you can create many. But unlike those pint-sized pals, it takes more than food after midnight and a little bit of water to make the magic happen. Also, your content probably won’t take over your town and ruin the holidays. It can be hard to keep generating content while you’re focusing… Read more »