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Three Things Greentech Marketers Need to Know

Greentech companies are entering an exciting moment in time. While new funding for startups may get off to a slow start in 2023, the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act promises to juice an already-accelerating industry. With such a broad horizon for the sustainability industry, marketing and communication teams have an excellent opportunity to dig into the white space and create new avenues for brand narratives… Read more »

Building a Startup? Prioritize Your Why.

In my two-plus decades working with startup founders, I’ve heard numerous origin stories about the moment each arrived at their most magnificent breakthrough. The mobility, the automation, the intelligence were always impressive, and – in some cases – first of their kind. The market also responded positively, with impressive customer acquisition, growth rates and funding rounds. However, I was regularly struck by how often founders were… Read more »

How to Maximize Your Marketing ROI

They say, “nothing is certain but death and taxes,” though one more thing seems pretty certain lately: continuous change.  We know businesses work hard – even in stable economic times – to ensure their sustainability by distributing their dollars responsibly, but what happens when the tides shift and strategies pivot? When new priorities emerge? When economies upend? Trimming the proverbial fat is a viable strategy for… Read more »

Research Shows That Marketing Through Recessions Pays Off

Decades of Research-Based Results Prove That Marketing Through Economic Uncertainty Is the Best Way to Stay on Top. Matter EVP and PR veteran Tim Hurley recently shared 7 Reasons to Maintain Your Marketing Program in Uncertain Times. In full disclosure, we were supposed to tag-team the topic in a two-part post, but Tim nailed it in one! After reading his points, my first reaction was, “I’m… Read more »

Blog Writing from Dummies – How to Turn Your Idea into Must-Read Content

A blog about writing a blog? We know — very meta. It’s like going to a play where the main character is writing a play, or watching a movie set in LA So, you’ve been tasked with writing a blog. Lucky you! Before you lament about having another thing to work on, think of the positives: You get to add your voice to the hallowed ranks… Read more »

7 Reasons to Maintain Your Marketing Program in Uncertain Times

There’s no question that companies have a lot to balance these days: the war in Ukraine; inflation/stagflation; supply chain challenges; stock market volatility; tightening company valuations. These events call for careful consideration by brands across industries as outcomes impact nearly every facet of their businesses – and marketing is no exception. We’ve seen this movie before – periods of tremendous growth followed by budget tightening, a… Read more »