Month: May 2018

Fun Update from Matter Boston

This past February, Matter Boston celebrated its two-year anniversary at 197 Portland Street. As the fastest growing and largest satellite office, we strive to maintain the same fun, supportive and caring environment our Newburyport colleague so eloquently outlined in her update on Matter HQ. While the Newburyport happenings seem hard to top, we at Matter Boston aim to have just as much fun.  So, what IS… Read more »

Quiz: What PR Program Fits Your Needs?

Finding the right public relations partner can be a daunting task. There are endless options in each market with different offerings and approaches. From small boutique shops to global agencies, it’s difficult to identify the right PR program for your organization and its goals. Are you looking for traditional media relations? What about social and SEO/SEM capabilities? PR agencies now more than ever need to offer… Read more »

Matter’s Open Door: Entrepreneur Edition

In May, Matter held an installment of Open Door – a free, multi-hour session where members of our PR and digital marketing teams sit down, one-on-one, with founders and CEOs of growing companies and give them strategic, actionable advice. Below are some of the session’s best takeaways. You’re a solo practitioner. And you intend to stay that way, at least for the near term. Still, your… Read more »

Easy Steps to a Worthwhile Launch Event

I’ll come clean right now – I misled you with the title of this article. There’s no such thing as easy when it comes to a PR event. Having planned and executed everything from a blogger luncheon to a music festival, I say that with something resembling authority. Now that we’re being honest, let’s dig into some advice.   Be Goal-Oriented Creative events require more than… Read more »

6 Must-Do Strategies for Reaching Millennial Moms

While a lot of attention is often given to reaching the male demographic between the ages of 18 and 34, when it comes to many consumer brands, reaching Millennial Moms (those born between 1981 and 1996) is becoming a huge priority. As PR professionals, we’ve had to rethink how we approach our jobs as a result. Sure, it’s nice to get that glossy magazine hit, but… Read more »

Free Social Media Tools Your Company Should Be Using

With the number of corner-cutting tools and tricks on the Internet for everything from video games to weight loss, it is hard to narrow down which ones are timesavers and which will have you spending more time on it than if you just did it the old-fashioned way. Free tools are even harder to narrow down because which ones are useful and which ones will just… Read more »

The Latest + Greatest from Creative Services: 5.7.18

This month, the Matter Video Team created three distinctly different company overview videos for clients Threat Stack, Karv and BSW Wealth Partners. The Matter Design Team worked on landing pages, custom icon sets and an e-book. Check them out below.   Video Production   CLOUD SECURITY OPERATIONS SIMPLIFIED Threat Stack Karv delivers healthy, perfectly trimmed and portioned cuts of meat to your door. This playful culinary video… Read more »

How to Make the Most of Your Time at a Trade Show

The very mention of a trade show can strike fear (or at least anxiety) in many. Maybe you have painful memories of loading hundreds of USBs, got a bunch of paper cuts wielding brochures, or crushed your fingers in a poorly assembled pop-up banner– if throngs of people and convention centers aren’t really your thing, I totally get it. That being said, attendance at trade shows… Read more »

How to Craft a Fresh PR Program

The first quarter of each year is often filled with new launches, new goals, and even new faces. In my experience, there’s a healthy balance between looking back at what was accomplished the year prior and planning for what’s coming down the pike. Working with stellar brands, and alongside smart, creative and passionate colleagues, makes the planning process quite simple: let’s do more of what we’ve… Read more »