Month: September 2017

Radio Silence: When Ghosting Enters a PR Agency

Sudden silence. Unreturned emails, calls, texts. Anyone who has swam in the dating pool since the advent of the iPhone knows something about ghosting. Maybe you’ve swiftly severed communications instead of letting someone down gently and directly. Maybe you’ve been the one left wondering what happened. You connected online, you had a few great interactions in-person and on text, optimism abounded and then…*poof* ghosted. If you… Read more »

Startup Guide: How to Talk About Your Tech

After months of iteration, you’ve built a new technology. Your voice assistant reads today’s headlines. Or your deep learning platform returns new techniques for disease management from thousands of medical journals. Or your disk storage hardware archives directly to Amazon’s public cloud. Now, how do you talk about it? Describing the mission and vision of a product or service is a challenge for all companies. But… Read more »

50 Survival Rules of PR Agency Life

A career at a PR agency is filled with valuable lessons about teamwork, accountability and professional growth. If you work at a public relations agency you can relate. If you hope to one day thrive in an agency environment, you’ll want to pay attention to these 50 rules of the road.

Trend Spotting: Boulder City Guide

One frontier with incredible potential that many local startups are beginning to unlock is legal marijuana. The combination of legalization (five years ago now) and Colorado’s strong entrepreneurial streak has led to a booming marijuana industry, valued at over a billion dollars. No matter your personal feelings about legalization, the reality is that it’s a massive and largely unsettled market that will only continue to grow…. Read more »

The Latest + Greatest from Creative Services: August 2017

As the summer comes to a close, we’d like to share a few video and design projects we’ve been working on recently. From overview homepage videos for Cadenza Innovation to animated GIFs for LEDVANCE’s new Apple HomeKit, the creative team has been quite busy. Have an idea you’d like to work with us on? Contact us today!   Video Production   Powering World-Leading Innovation Cadenza Innovation… Read more »

Summer Fridays: Our Favorite Local Spots

Fall is right around the corner but here at Matter, we’re still hanging on to those last few days of summer. While we always have the perk of working from home on Fridays, we also get to head out at 2pm on from Memorial Day to Labor Day, assuming all client work is taken care of. This lets us get the most out of our summers… Read more »