Month: February 2013

A Farmer's Instinct to Crisis

Here at the Matter Chatter blog, we talk about all things public relations, marketing, and communications, so I’m going to talk about baby ducks and apple pie. I grew up on a farm in Vermont. As any farmer will tell you, it’s a place of great wonder and great tragedy — and of course, the realities of what you do as a farmer. (Let’s just say… Read more »

Matter Communications

Matter Communications is for companies who demand a measureable return on their PR investments. We work with some of the nation’s most beloved brands to foster meaningful engagement across all key audiences, online and offline. Whether you’re a bootstrapped start-up, a mid-sized company or a publicly traded multi-national, Matter accelerates your business objectives quickly, authentically, and tenaciously. Learn more

Social Media Strategies

First things first: social media isn’t a strategy, it’s a set of tools. How you use those tools to achieve your goals is where strategy comes in. That’s where Matter shines. First, we listen to the conversations already taking place, and then we develop and implement a strategic and tactical plan to make sure you become a key part of the discussion. We can handle everything… Read more »

PR Whiteboard

PR Whiteboard is a one-stop blog for PR and marketing professionals to get freshly squeezed insights about driving engagement for their clients and businesses. Written primarily by Matter Communications principal Scott Signore, PR Whiteboard provides insights into PR industry happenings, as well as tips and tricks to run a the best PR agencies possible. From social media engagement to traditional PR to Boston public relations insights,… Read more »

Do you have what is takes?

A recent article from PRDaily entitled, “5 Key Traits of a Successful PR Professional,” got me thinking – what does it take to be in this field?  Much like the author of the article, there were many characteristics that came to mind when I first saw this.  I thought the ones outlined in the article were pretty spot on, and believe they were definitely worth sharing. … Read more »

Happy Valentine's Day!

For PR professionals, Valentine’s Day is not just a chance to buy chocolate or send flowers; it’s a hook, a trend, or a fun angle to pitch your client.  Holidays in general are an opportunity to get creative and reach out to the media in their time of need. Most industries can find a way to position themselves in major holiday trends. The auto industry owns… Read more »

PR People: We Know Enough to be Dangerous

              Public Relations was not my first career choice, or so I thought. I thought that I wanted to be a lawyer, in fact I took the LSAT not once but twice, but the universe it seems had different plans. Now I find myself in a career where I represent my client’s best interest in the court of public opinion – sound familiar?  I often find… Read more »

Tips to Improving Your Personal Social Media Brand

    As public relations professionals, we’re used to being in-tune to our clients’ social media needs. From drafting creative content calendars, to running contests, to handling customer inquiries, we make sure that we are positively optimizing the core messages of our clients and their products.  Despite being expert Tweeters, Pinners, and posters on behalf of others there is one brand that we tend to overlook… Read more »

‘@MatterComm – We're on Instagram!

I actually intended to register Matter Communications on Instagram months ago, but then the whole “Instagram is going to sell your photos” thing happened. So, I waited to see what would come next… But I’m tired of waiting – Instagram is just too darn fun NOT to use! I’ve been using Instagram for about a year now, since I purchased my first iPhone. I know, I… Read more »