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Keep Your Brand Fresh with Animated Marketing Videos

When it comes to captivating audiences and building lasting brand affinity, nothing beats video. But getting the most out of your video marketing investment requires more than just having someone hit record. The limitless power of animation — bursting with color, free from the constraints of real-world physics and designed with instant comprehension in mind — is just what the doctor ordered to cut through the… Read more »

How Case Study Videos Spark Customer Imagination

Picture this: you’re the marketing leader for a product or service. You know how much your solution has helped your customers reach new levels of success. Plenty of prospects are aware of what you have to offer but converting these leads into closed deals has been a challenge. These potential clients are considering working with you, but it’s more than likely they’ll want to see some… Read more »

Are You AfrAId of the Dark? Our Scariest AI-generated Halloween Costumes for PR/Marketing Pros

You May Live to See AI-generated Costumes Beyond Your Comprehension Spooky season is upon us. And every year, folks like you, dear reader, come to us asking for help figuring out an appropriate costume to wear to work. To avoid scaring your coworkers (or getting a call from HR), we came up with some of the most terrifying marketing/comms-themed costumes your office Halloween party has ever… Read more »

Matter’s Gusto Team Releases Its 2023 Guide to 10 Must-Have Brand Videos

Agency’s Award-winning Video Team Reveals the 10 Videos Every Brand Needs to Successfully Support Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey BOSTON, June 27, 2023 — Gusto — a Matter company and creative content house that brings brands to life with award-winning video and podcast production — today announced its 2023 Guide to must-have brand videos, helping companies engage audiences and create brand affinity at each stage of… Read more »

Matter’s Gusto Team Wins Two Regional Emmy Awards for Graphic Arts at the 46th Annual Boston/New England Emmy Awards

Honored by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for Excellence in Artistic, Educational, Cultural, and Technical Progress BOSTON, June 15, 2023 — Gusto — a Matter company and creative content house that brings brands to life with award-winning video and podcast production —is proud to announce it has won two Boston/New England Regional Emmy® Awards for outstanding work in Graphic Arts. The Boston/New England Emmy®… Read more »

Gusto Comes Out Swinging: Team Ends Q1 with a Combo of New Video Clients + Award-winning Podcast Projects

Matter’s Creative Content House Helps Marketers Boost Brand Awareness and Reach Audiences with Video Production, Motion Graphics Design + Podcasts. BOSTON, April 12, 2023 — Gusto — a Matter company and creative content house that brings brands to life with award-winning video and podcast production — today announced its continued momentum highlighted by seven key additions to an extensive client roster of brands across healthcare, B2B technology and… Read more »

7 Branded Content Lessons You Don’t Need a Time Machine to Learn

How to future-proof your video marketing efforts and produce great content. Time travel is a strange and awesome idea. Maybe you’ve done something regrettable and want to rewrite history. Or maybe you’re just in a rock band destined to save humanity and you need to gather historical figures so you can graduate from high school (#WyldStallyns). Either way, the idea that you could travel into the… Read more »

Video Just Hits Different in the Summer

Welcome to the Q2 2022 LATEST + GREATEST from the MATTER VIDEO + PODCAST team! We can’t speak for anyone else, but so far 2022 has got us twisted up in knots. Like, good, strong, metaphorical knots. Our team is growing, our clients believe in the power of video and podcasts, and as we look ahead to summer, we’re feeling some combination of exhaustion and excitement…. Read more »

What do fizzy drinks, cybersecurity and sustainable energy have in common? 

It’s the Q1 2022 LATEST + GREATEST FROM MATTER VIDEO + AUDIO for your enjoyment! Wait a second… what month is it? Are we in April already? What’s the right way to describe 2022 so far? In a word, it’s been nuts – simultaneously dragging on forever and flying by at lightspeed. January feels like ages ago, but just yesterday it was March? Time… Whoa.  Anyway, from… Read more »


Thank you, clients and collaborators!  It’s hard to believe 2021 is already in the books. But here we are! So let’s talk about some of the major happenings of the last three months. Succession wrapped season 3 like a corporate version of Game of Thrones – and yes, we are here for it. Cowboy Bebop got us nostalgic for the anime of yore. And Arcane tore down the walls between video games and television by proving that compelling visuals and great storytelling always win. … Read more »

Video First, Video Always: Elevate Your Video Marketing Strategy

What do we always say is the most important thing?   Breakfast. Obviously, it’s breakfast. But a close second for marketers is – and always should be – video. Now, video may not be able to satisfy a serious craving for biscuits and gravy, but it does satisfy business needs and drive real engagement outcomes. And like breakfast, video isn’t so much a thing as it is a powerful collection of elements coming together to drive results. So, whereas the first,… Read more »


Thank you, clients and collaborators!  If there’s one thing we’ve learned this quarter, it’s that Rupaul’s Drag Race is essentially untouchable, winning its fourth straight Emmy for Outstanding Competition Program (and sixth for its incomparable host). And that Kate Winslet as Mare of Easttown could easily order a hoagie at Wawa’s without causing a stir. And another thing, if Shang-Chi and What if… are any indication, the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to be awesome.   And, speaking of awards, the Matter Audio… Read more »

Is your podcast a slow burner or a page turner?

The ultimate guide to releasing your branded podcast   Give your team a round of applause. Pat yourself on the back. You just finished recording and editing an entire season of your branded podcast, which is a huge friggin’ deal. And you know what? It came out pretty dang good! But wait, before you blow your entire prosecco budget prematurely, you need to know your work here isn’t done. Check this out: your great podcast deserves an equally great… Read more »