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Is your podcast a slow burner or a page turner?

The ultimate guide to releasing your branded podcast   Give your team a round of applause. Pat yourself on the back. You just finished recording and editing an entire season of your branded podcast, which is a huge friggin’ deal. And you know what? It came out pretty dang good! But wait, before you blow your entire prosecco budget prematurely, you need to know your work here isn’t done. Check this out: your great podcast deserves an equally great… Read more »

The Latest + Greatest from Matter Video + Audio: Q2 2021

It’s hard to believe we’ve crossed the halfway point of 2021, but here we are. And there’s so much to report. Ted Lasso Season 2. Another big win at the Oscars for Pixar with Soul walking off with two golden statuettes. Oh, and how could we not mention Loki? What a ride! And like the mythical Marvel trickster, we at Matter accomplished a lot over the course of the last few months. 

Stealing the Show – Matter Adds 21 Video Award Wins to Its 2021 Collection

Roll out the red carpets. Put on your finest of fineries. It’s awards season, and Matter is absolutely cleaning up with our podcasts, branded videos and live virtual experiences and product launches. Now, we don’t like to brag – it’s just not in our nature. But we can’t pass on an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the hard and downright impressive work our team members have done in the last year. Especially if that light comes from prestigious awards programs and ranges in hue from platinum and gold to silver and bronze. So, without further ado – and with special thanks to The Telly Awards, MUSE Creative Awards, NYX Video and Marcom Awards, Hermes Creative Awards, Communicator Awards, Bell Ringer, and the Vega Digital Awards for their consideration – congratulations to the entire Matter creative services team. You’ve earned it!

5 Ways to level up your brand with 3D animation

Boosting brand engagement. Aligning your brand with visual trends while differentiating yourself in crowded spaces. Going above and beyond what seems visually possible. And giving you the single best tool for demonstrating the ins, outs and everything-in-betweens of a product. 3D animation is – and we sincerely mean this – amazing.

Understanding the role of video in 2021

There’s an old saying that goes, “Hindsight is 2020.” You’ve probably heard it – who hasn’t? But, as we push into the second half of 2021, we might adjust it to reflect how the challenges of this past year sit comfortably in our rear view.

A Marketer’s Guide to Valuing Long-Form Content: Part 3

Here’s a question we get a lot here at Matter: Are podcasts worth adding to my content marketing strategy? The answer to that is simple: yes. Wait, are you not convinced by our one-word answer? Well, you’re in luck, because part three of our Marketer’s Guide to Valuing Long-Form Content is going to dig into why you should refocus your priorities on better kinds of engagement, how podcasts fit into a content marketing strategy and what measurements you can use to demonstrate the value of podcasts to your business.

A Marketer’s Guide to Valuing Long-Form Content: Part 2

Podcasts vs. Video Series   So, you’ve realized the value of long-form content in building brand affinity and audience interaction – that’s awesome! You’re already ahead of the B2B and B2C content curves. Now comes the real challenge (also the fun part): planning and producing that content. With our breakdown of pros and cons, alongside general recommendations based on our production experiences, you’ll have a great foundation to tell your story with long-form and original content.  At Matter, we specialize in long-form… Read more »

A Marketer’s Guide to Valuing Long-Form Content: Part 1

Brand Affinity, Binge-worthiness and You   You’ve probably heard tales of brand affinity, what some marketers call the holy grail of audience engagement. And there’s a good chance you know it’s a powerful way to build relationships between your brand and your audience. If this is all new to you, here’s a quick definition: Brand affinity is a trust relationship, a deeper sense of connection developed… Read more »

The Latest + Greatest from Matter Video + Audio: Q1 2021

Thank you clients and collaborators! From remote productions to animated explainers, virtual experiences to podcasts, 2021 has shot off like a canon for our video + audio services team. Check out our Q1 video highlights reel and a few of our favorite projects below. Veracode: The Hacker Games The game is simple, but the stakes are high. Hosted by Veracode, a pioneer in the application security industry, The… Read more »

A View into Virtual Value: Matter’s Guide to Successful Virtual Events

Integrated PR and Marketing Agency Shares Top Takeaways From Executing More Than a Dozen Virtual Events For Brands Over The Past Year BOSTON – March 30, 2021 – Matter Communications — a Brand Elevation Agency specializing in PR, creative services, digital marketing and strategy — shares the collective knowledge of its clients, partners and event planning experts to help companies execute effective and engaging virtual events.  Matter is working… Read more »

Emerging Motion Graphics Trends in 2021 + Matter’s NEW ANIMATION REEL!

2020 was a banner year for motion graphics and animation. As in-person live action production went on hold for a little bit (and remote production ramped up), we saw a big shift towards animation – and that demand hasn’t slowed down. While the value of animation for brand storytelling remains as strong as ever, what it takes to engage and delight audiences is a little different here… Read more »

The Latest + Greatest from Matter Video: Q4 2020

Thank you clients and collaborators! While we’ve hit the ground running in 2021, creating content for diverse and exciting brands, we would certainly be remiss if we did not reflect on some of the stand-out projects we executed for client partners to close out 2020. Capping off another successful quarter of remote and socially distant productions, we are thrilled to look back at the final products… Read more »

Webinars: 2021’s Marketing MVP

Perhaps it’s no surprise that demand for webinars exploded in 2020. Platforms like ON24 saw viewers consuming 295% more webinar content per day than in 2019, with a 167% increase in the number of webinars hosted. Webinar platforms grew at a breakneck pace, and companies like TwentyThree experienced roughly seven years’ worth of maturity in just seven weeks. Engagement By these forces of nature, the webinar… Read more »