Month: March 2011

Are Social Media Dashboards the New

As PR professionals, it is our job to be completely aware of news relevant to our clients. As you know, the PR world is fast-paced and ever-changing. It’s not always easy to find those extra minutes to dig through endless Google alerts or read through each national daily to ensure that we’re up to date with every piece of breaking news. My solution to this problem… Read more »

The Power of the Mom Blogger

Sometimes we come across those clients who are only interested in receiving coverage in national print publications and are reluctant to see the value in online coverage. Because social media has become integrated in everyday public relations in such a major way, we PR professionals must help our clients see the impact of online coverage and social media mentions, in addition to the benefits of secured… Read more »

March Madness

This week has been filled with some pretty great events.  Although we lost an hour of sleep, gaining a little extra daylight is the reminder we need that spring is right around the corner. On Thursday, many of us celebrated our first St. Patrick’s Day with the Matter team in Newburyport. And, although my record-breaking Friars still can’t make it to the tournament, we’re all excited… Read more »

The 411 on OMG…

I recently went on a trip to welcome a baby to the family. The new grandmother, who recently signed up for Facebook, was confused by a comment left by her 30-something year old niece: “OMG! Congrats!” After a bit of explaining and discussion, she added another proud title to her repertoire: fluent text speaker. ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and… Read more »

Connectivity Matters

Friday morning we all awoke to news of a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake, followed by a 10-foot tsunami, hitting the coast of Japan. News, happening halfway around the world, was made instantaneously available at our fingertips through smart phones, laptops, televisions, tablets, and e-readers.

On cupcake trucks and a puggle named 'Lemon'

This week Matter announced the strengthening of our management team via new hiring and promotions. Congratulations to: –        Kristin Amico, account manager. –        Zachary Heath, account manager. –        Anne Lines, account director. –        Samantha Racki, account manager. –        Greg Wind, account manager. –        Tobi Young, account director.

If you were Charlie Sheen's publicist, what would you have done?

Charlie Sheen. I don’t need to rehash why he’s been in the news these past few weeks, and I don’t plan to offer any theories on what’s really going on. But one aspect of the Sheen saga that definitely grabbed my attention last week was when his longtime publicist, Stan Rosenfield, quit. The announcement was short and sweet: “I have worked with Charlie Sheen for a long… Read more »

Matter Communications Strengthens Management Team

Click Here to View PDF > Newburyport, Mass. – Matter Communications, a full-service public relations agency specializing in high-technology and consumer markets, today announced the expansion of its management team. A combination of internalpromotions and new hires, these seasoned PR professionals bring strategic counsel and day-to-day support to Matter’s growing roster of clients. To provide additional, business-driving results to new and existing clients, Matter seeks talented communications professionals to join its Newburyport,… Read more »