Month: August 2009

The Perks of Pro Bono

I’m a military junkie. I digest books about special ops, movies about D-Day, I’ll even argue over the historical accuracy of a Chuck Norris movie.  When I was a kid I planned to continue a long family tradition of military service, I was going to fly jet fighters.  Well, that plan changed a little when I realized that pilots have to be taller than me and… Read more »

Fun matters…

Here at Matter, we definitely recognize the importance of fun – whether that means injecting personality and creativity into our pitches and campaigns, or even just grabbing a drink together after a long day. A sense of “fun” is critical to success over the long term…because if you’re not enthusiastic about something, why should anyone else be?

Man on the street: real PR stories

It became a running joke in the newsroom, but it worked every time. When things got slow around The MetroWest Daily News, where I used to be a full-time town beat reporter and part-time editor, we would turn to the tried-and-true “man on the street” interviews. Pick a topic, any current event topic, head to your local coffee shop or other applicable location, and ask “real”… Read more »

How do you stay informed?

At any given moment, there is an overflow of information streaming into our lives. From magazines and the Internet, to TV stations and billboards, it seems as though we can’t make a turn without the news hitting us smack dab in the face. In the PR world, staying informed is key to reaching success. Not only is it important to be knowledgeable about our clients, but… Read more »

Getting Around The Writer's Block

This is my very first blog post. Anywhere. I ghost write blogs for clients. I pitch bloggers. But a blog of my own, with my name on it?…not my style. My own personal thoughts – well, I still like to capture those the old fashioned way …on paper, with a pen, in a journal that nobody else will ever see. So you can imagine my dismay… Read more »

Back to Basics

As newsrooms at print newspapers continue to shrink, we’re seeing an increased use of syndicated content in place of locally-written coverage. In addition, there are some topics that simply no longer have a reporter devoted to them, or have one reporter as opposed to two or three. For example, the Providence Journal no longer has a reporter assigned to reviewing consumer electronics. If, as a PR… Read more »

10 Candles on this PR Birthday Cake

Tomorrow is my birthday. I tell you because, well, I love my birthday! I love celebrating and, quite frankly, I like being the center of attention every once in a while. I also like to use this annually joyous occasion to look back on the year and to think about what’s to come.

An Embargo on Embargoes

The Wall Street Journal modified its editorial policy last week and will no longer participate in embargoed news herds, only holding news when dealing with an exclusive. This policy change might sound familiar – in December 2008 TechCrunch also declared that it would no longer honor embargoes. Online media outlets continue to push the boundaries of traditional journalism, rapidly releasing news with no respect to embargoes… Read more »

"He worked really hard, Grandpa."

“So do washing machines.” Aside from giving me an opportunity to quote one of the all-time classics, this exchange also provides a cautionary tale for PR agency pros…or anybody in a client service business, really. With overflowing to-do lists, greater client pressures (both on and by clients), instant news cycles and myriad options for staying updated / getting distracted, some days it seems like just getting… Read more »