Month: December 2013

Four Reasons Holiday Parties Matter

Later today, the majority of our staff (and their plus-ones!) will be gathering to celebrate the season.  Like so many agencies nationwide, we’ll share holiday joy by eating, drinking and being merry. After a full year of helping our clients achieve both communications and business success, we’re ready to enjoy a holiday season celebration – and likely, you are too! Here are four reasons why holiday… Read more »

Shame on the Spray-And-Pray Sales Rep

I’m dealing with a salesperson that has crossed the line from persistent to annoying, and doesn’t understand what we do and need. He’s spamming me with crazy regularity and the content of his pitch is meaningless to me and my business. The truth is, there are far too many PR agencies that take this similar tact while pitching. As PR professionals, we’re always trying to sell… Read more »

Four Reasons Why PR Pitching is An Art Form

All editorial pitches are opportunities for expression. Through email, direct messages on Twitter, inMail on LinkedIn or any other communications channel, editorial pitching provides us PR professionals with a creative channel for securing a story. It’s an art form, really, and here are four reasons that support that statement: First, a PR pitch offers the practitioner unlimited creativity. You know the charge at hand, and can… Read more »