Month: March 2012

The Role of Social Media in JetBlue's PR Nightmare

JetBlue found itself in a pretty big predicament yesterday when one of their captains emerged from the cockpit mid-air screaming “They are going to take us down!”, had to be restrained and forced an emergency landing.  I can’t even imagine the horror the passengers and crew felt – and was right along with everyone who collectively sighed with relief that no one was hurt.   From a… Read more »

Hype – and Our Nation’s Soccer Team

The US soccer team just failed to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games. Last night they lost a “must-win” game to El Salvador and they will not move to the next round of Olympic qualifying. Considering the progress soccer is making becoming a tier-one sport in America – and the expectations of this team entering the CONCACAF Olympic qualifying tournament – this is very disappointing and… Read more »

Making the Best of Being Human

Having left reporting and anchoring behind, I find myself less engaged with the political issues and parties of the day. What is still fascinating from a public relations standpoint is the way politicians (people under self- imposed extreme scrutiny) interact with other people (the scrutinizers… voters, press, employees and even family members).

You Want to See My What?

During an interview, one of the inquiries you can always count on hearing no matter what the position or company is “So, tell me a little more about yourself.” Seems simple enough compared to some of the others questions you may have just fielded, right? Talk about your background, some of your hobbies, what brought you into your field, etc. However, many times employers are left… Read more »

A Work Culture Defined by Its People

I moved to Boston a little over two years ago from a far off desert land with cacti aplenty. People always ask why I decided to leave a perfectly warm locale. I suppose this question is about as equal in logic as, “Why would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane?” Both answers are precisely the same: for the thrill.

Being Mike Daisey (or: are you smarter than a five year old?)

Last week my five-year-old son, William, came up from the playroom, screaming and crying. Inconsolable and loud, he got my attention. He kept it by reporting (through snot and tears and hiccups): “Owen punched me in the face, threw me into the wall, then up the stairs. Then he broke my leg and my arm.”

Finding your PR niche

Unless you’re a public relations newbie, you’re probably well aware that there various areas of focus in the PR industry. If your talents are being utilized in-house, then you have the luxury (debatable) of focusing your time and efforts on one industry, but if you work for an agency like Matter, more than likely you’ll work with multiple clients in different industries.

In Life and PR, Preparation Leads to Success

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.” I immediately thought of this quote when I agreed to run in the Walt Disney World Wine and Dine Half- Marathon with a couple of friends this coming November. I have to admit that I think it’s pretty cool that this run takes place in the evening and that Mickey and other Disney… Read more »


Here at Matter, we find lots of reasons to have fun together.  Writing in a way that helps me avoid a too popular cliché, we work very hard and like to blow off steam as a group.  I’m fully in support of both efforts: working hard and having fun.

Twitter Killed the Pop Star

Before the internet was infiltrated with social media networks, celebrities were “untouchable”. They were put on pedestals above us common folk and our ideas about them were conceived purely by what they portrayed on television. Today, thanks to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, we’ve been exposed to a whole other side to celebrities and quite frankly, I don’t like it.

Return to Linsanity

Suddenly, the New York Knicks are reeling.  Only a few weeks removed from a winning streak of similar scope, last night they lost their sixth straight game.  They have slipped back to the eighth spot in the playoffs.  More concerning for the countless number of fans in the tri-state area (and displaced fans who happen to be in the Commonwealth) is the thought of the Knicks… Read more »

Ad hoc conversations

Walking through our office kitchen yesterday morning I caught a glimpse of Tim Hurley, one of our new guys, talking with Matt Landry, one of our old guys. (The latter doesn’t mind that label – it’s a point of pride if you happen to be Employee Hire #3 at a nine year-old agency.) That moment provided another example of why I’m thrilled that Matter Communications officially… Read more »

Matter Communications Aquires ThinkMedia PARTNERS

Newburyport, Mass. –Matter Communications has announced the acquisition of ThinkMedia PARTNERS, a fast growing boutique communications firm with clients in a variety of industries, including high technology and financial services. Matter will maintain its focus on creating and executing results-oriented public and social media relations campaigns that are strategically aligned with and in support of clients’ business goals.