Month: May 2013

3 Reasons Reporters Should Switch to PR

My name is Dan G., and I’m a recovering journalist. I spent the first half of my career working in local television news, seeking the high that comes from landing a big exclusive or hitting a home run during a breaking story. I started as a lowly intern and after paying my dues I was overseeing day-to-day coverage as an Executive Producer at a station where… Read more »

3 Ways Video Helps With PR

The statistics are everywhere: people are hungry for online video. Overall, research estimates that video views among Internet users grew by 23% this year. If you think that number is going to recede any time soon, you’re likely also banking on the fax machine as the future of marketing. So what has this to do with public relations? Here are three ways engaging video can help… Read more »

A little engagement goes a long way…

As we monitor our client’s social media channels every day, we often engage with followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook. Although it may seem daunting to answer dozens of questions everyday (especially when it’s the same thing over and over), we have to keep in mind that the follower or fan on the other end is definitely paying attention. I usually engage with brands, organizations,… Read more »

3 Things Senior Marketing People Get Wrong about Working with PR Agencies

When you’ve run a PR agency as long as I have – ten years and proudly counting – you begin to notice patterns of behavior from the marketing folks who are your prospects. There are a lot of brilliant CMOs and marketing VPs who are great at their jobs, but aren’t quite as skilled at picking the right PR partner because they evaluate faulty criteria. Here… Read more »

Reality TV and Brand Image

Recently, one of my clients was approached with an offer to have their operation become the subject of the producer’s self-proclaimed next reality TV masterpiece. The production company was looking to provide a peek inside the industry, and of course hoping for a cast of characters that could rocket to primetime fame. Frankly, we considered it for a bit before letting our cooler heads prevail. In… Read more »

What’s the Difference Between Paid, Owned and Earned Media?

Even seasoned PR pros sometimes have difficulty distinguishing between different forms of media in the digital age. That’s because they all bleed into each other, blurring the lines. So, what is shared media versus earned media versus owned media versus paid media? And what exactly is shared media? The nuances can be especially challenging for junior folks cutting their teeth at PR agencies.  I’ve seen more… Read more »

The Legend Lives On

May 11 marked the thirty two year anniversary of Bob Marley’s death and after all this time his legend is still deeply rooted in the hearts and minds of people around the world. More than a musician, Bob Marley remains a cultural icon whose beliefs sparked both controversy and change. His music stood the test of time.    As a music lover and PR professional, Marley’s… Read more »

Come to LunchSpotting 4.0 at PayPal in Boston!

I’m excited about the 4th Lunchspotting event that we are hosting in conjunction with MITX at PayPal Media Network in Boston’s Innovation District, and here are the two reasons why: First, everyone eats lunch. Right? At the very minimum, everyone takes some kind of mid-day break. In addition to valuable networking with smart folks from myriad companies – described below – you indeed get a free… Read more »

3 Glaring Reasons to Look for a New PR and Social Media Firm

The writing is on the wall, as they say. When something’s not right with your PR firm, the problem isn’t always easy to pinpoint, but eventually it becomes glaring – if you know where to look.  Here are three reasons why you should start looking for a new PR and social media agency: First, if you firm is complacent – and doesn’t enthusiastically embrace opportunities to… Read more »

Charles Ramsey: From struggling dishwasher to overnight sensation

By this point, everyone is most likely aware of the incredible rescue this week of three young women who were held captive for nearly a decade.  The rescue of these women has been the top news story for several days, and as new developments emerge, we will continue to hear more about this horrific story.  Interestingly enough, it seems that there has been a breakout star… Read more »

LoJack names Matter AOR – PRWeek

By: Brittaney Kiefer May 07, 2013 CANTON, MA: LoJack, a maker of tracking and recovery systems for stolen cars, has appointed Matter Communications as its PR and social media AOR. Matter participated in a competitive pitch against a number of firms, said agency CEO Scott Signore. He declined to comment further on the pitch process. Matter is responsible for PR and media relations for LoJack. The company’s… Read more »

Matter Communications Wins Best Places To Work – AGAIN!

I try to reserve this blog space for insights about public relations, social media and marketing, but every now and again something happens at our PR agency that deserves comment. A few days ago my firm won the Boston Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” award, marking the second time in two years we’ve collected the honor. To me, this is perhaps the highest form of… Read more »

Reacting in Real Time: Social Media and the Boston Marathon Bombings

Anyone who has turned on a television, radio, or computer in the last few weeks is painfully aware of the tragedy that occurred at this year’s Boston Marathon. Those of us who spend significant amounts of our days trolling the web, checking social media, and are rarely found without a screen in our face, have been inundated with news stories since the minute the attack happened…on… Read more »