Month: August 2013

Can't Leave Home Without It

I Forgot My Phone* In a world where more and more of our social interactions happen digitally, our face-to-face interactions are becoming increasingly limited, where emails have replaced phone calls and people forget that spending quality time with others involves talking, not texting. In one week, ‘I Forgot My Phone’ has gone viral – and as of 11:30 a.m. today, it’s received 14.5+ million hits (the… Read more »

4 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus’ Act at the VMA’s was a Really Bad Idea

Miley Cyrus’ performance at Sunday evening’s MTV Video Music Awards was a poor idea. While pleasing a few – maybe? – she offended the masses while trying way too hard to show the world that she was Hannah Montana no longer. Poor choice of strategy, and here’s why: First, the borderline burlesque performance was too risqué for an awards show on primetime cable. The internet and… Read more »

A Tale of Two Press Conferences

Much has been written and said about how New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick conducts his press conferences and interviews. His answers are stale, monotone, repetitive and downright annoying to the press in the room and viewers at home. The “Hooded One” only reveals what he wants known about his football team – no more, no less. The sports media in New England and across… Read more »

The World According to Reddit

Even if you’ve never been to, you’re definitely familiar with many of the stories on the wildly popular site that dubs itself “The front page of the Internet.” That’s because every news organization/blog you’re familiar with scans Reddit for interesting stories cultivated by the company’s highly engaged (read: addicted) user base. Reddit’s front page aggregates stories and pictures from some of the more interesting “sub… Read more »

5 Reasons Why Having a Creative Studio Kicks Ass

Most public relations and social media agencies still haven’t seen the light. They haven’t yet embraced creative deliverables as a requisite for going to market in today’s communications world.  Most haven’t complemented their existing client programs with high-impact videos, infographics, or other creative elements that improve the story-telling and help key messages reach key audiences in an effective manner. We opened our physical studio a few… Read more »

Sponsored Content and Native Ads Truly Drive Positive Reactions

In a time when we all digest tons of content on a daily basis, the challenge for marketers, advertisers and yes even PRers is to find a way to stand out. Not every client can be launching 800 mph trains that captivate the mind, in reality most companies that enlist PR help know they need the added creative approaches to push through the skimmed-past advertising, banner… Read more »

I ain’t afraid of no post

  If there’s something weird, and it don’t look good. Who ya gonna call? Customer Service! Wait—what? Sorry to burst your bubble, but this blog post is not about Ghostbusters. Okay, well it’s kind of about Ghostbusters, but more importantly it’s about Customer Relations, social media and Public Relations. As a social media community moderator, I help vet complaints and issues that come through social media… Read more »

3 Reasons Why Having Interns is Good for Business

It’s summer and, as we typically do, our agency has a crop of enthusiastic public relations and social media interns supporting our account teams and helping to market our agency. Similar to intern groups we’ve had here at Matter previously, this gang is hard-working, eager to learn, and is willing to embrace whatever is thrown their way. And, they are a great group to have around…. Read more »

Journalists Name Matter Communications ‘Small PR Agency of the Year’ in Bulldog Stars of PR Awards

  Newburyport, Mass. –August 9, 2013 – Matter Communications, one of the fastest-growing public relations and social media firms in the country, was recognized as Small PR Agency of the Year (Bronze) in the Bulldog Stars of PR Awards. The 57 winners of the 2013 Bulldog Stars of PR Awards for Outstanding Achievement by Communications Agencies and Professionals were announced today by Bulldog Reporter. Campaigns were… Read more »

Social media’s influence on PR statements and spokespeople

Expert commentary and company spokespeople are the most sought after resources media members search for on a daily basis. They need information straight from the source to craft their story and give it validity. In the past, PR people have typically been the gateway for media to access celebrities, spokespeople and official company statements. As all PR pros are well aware, this relationship and landscape has… Read more »