Month: January 2018

The Latest + Greatest from Creative Services: January 2018

While you were surviving January, the Matter Creative team was busy creating new work for exceptional clients! This month the video team worked on everything from high-level explainers to product launches to recruitment videos. And on the design side, the team provides creative insight into a very important part of the design process: The Moodboard! Have an idea you’d like to work with us on? Contact… Read more »

Media on the Move: Week of January 22

The new year started off with questions about whether the rise of robo-reporters and virtual reality mark the end of journalism’s final chapter, while a new poll reports that Americans “believe in journalism,” despite generally distrusting media as a whole. The year also began with the end of media sites The Awl and The Hairpin. As reported by The Washington Post, the sites will shut down… Read more »

Matter Communications Expands Fast-Growing Healthcare Portfolio

Award-winning public relations and digital marketing agency adds eight new clients across health tech, provider, biopharma and consumer health markets Matter Communications, one of the fastest growing PR agencies nationally with in-house creative services and digital marketing groups, announced today the addition of several noteworthy clients to its growing healthcare practice, including its selection as Agency of Record for DocuTAP, a leading provider of on-demand care… Read more »

How to Create a Successful Video for the Healthcare Industry

All the usual principles of creating an impactful video — such as authenticity, clear storytelling, lively pacing and compelling visuals — apply to healthcare, but there are also a few industry-specific tips we’ve cultivated over our years of shooting videos with healthcare organizations. Follow these tips to avoid common pitfalls and land on a final product that’s all the more effective. Avoid Medical Jargon Let’s start… Read more »

The Evolution of the Social Influencer

If you’ve ever opened the Instagram app, you’ve likely scrolled through countless sponsored posts and #ads. Whether it’s people you’re following or suggested content popping up on your feed, brands and products are in almost every photo. At times, it can even be hard to tell which images are paid promotion and what’s organic content. Everyone from your favorite D-list celebrities, fitness gurus, and maybe even… Read more »

Value-Based Healthcare Needs Value-Based Public Relations

The concept of “value” is something that is very much top of mind right now in the healthcare industry. Many of our clients are trying to define, express and establish their value proposition with prospects and key stakeholders. Many are trying to answer whether or not they are ready for the impending shift to value-based care. All this rumination about value inspired us to give some… Read more »

Employees vs. Influencers: Are They Really That Different?

Leveraging social influencers is a common strategy to help boost brand awareness. Using their social platforms, influencers help spread the word about a particular product or brand campaign via photos, videos and personal anecdotes. As a result, brands reach a new audience in hopes to garner more brand fans. Though influencer programs are commonly associated with consumer clients, business to business (B2B) companies shouldn’t rule out… Read more »

What’s New in the World of Social Media? 1.12.18

The constantly evolving world of social media is ever-changing and marketers, business owners and even the daily Facebook user should be aware of the updates. Make sure you are subscribed to our blog to get the monthly news and updates on all things social media sent right to your inbox. Let’s see what happened this past month.   Hit the Snooze on Facebook On December 15th,… Read more »

What Really Counts As News?

  Great for media alerts. These milestones aren’t significant enough to knock anyone off the front page, but their urgency still warrants some timely attention from the media. New/re-designed websites Event participation/attendance Webinars or seminars Major product promotions Annual reports eBooks or whitepapers   Great for social sharing and direct customer engagement. Advanced targeting allows you to connect your audiences to the elements of your brand… Read more »

Three Ways to Ensure Top Tier Visual Content During a Photo/Video Production

You have a client production locked-in, with actors, gear and your team ready to go. Many times, a production can already be an ever-changing game of tetris, and adding any more tasks to the table or cooks to the kitchen can make-or-break an otherwise smooth day. How could you possible try to squeeze another layer onto an already super booked production day? With a little organization,… Read more »

Networking Tips for the Aspiring Young Professional

As a new professional in PR, you’ll quickly find that networking can be a surefire way to a win for your team: sharing tips with industry colleagues; making friendly with a reporter at a target publication; or kicking off a new business lead. The bounties are endless, but there’s loads to learn before making some of these moves. Excited by the prospect of getting out there?… Read more »

What to Expect at CES 2018

As anyone who works in PR knows, the concept of time can be a tricky one. Thanks to lengthy client planning cycles, print editorial deadlines that are determined months in advance, and the constant impulse to look ahead at what’s next, it can frequently feel like we’re working in the future. Even still, I never cease to be amazed when I receive the first “CES Planning”… Read more »