Month: April 2018

A Quick Guide to Effectively Using Influencers

As many brands know, influencers are a necessary part of any consumer PR and digital marketing program and an effective way to amplify a product or services launch. However, the landscape has changed dramatically over the years and continues to shift on a regular basis. When influencers first came on the scene, many of the relationships could be nurtured on an organic basis. Free product sampling… Read more »

The Problems and Solutions for Healthcare Video Marketing

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of attending the Healthcare IT Marketing & PR Conference (HITMC), a get-together specifically tailored to professionals in the healthcare marketing space. Daily sessions included strategy discussions about the common challenges healthcare marketers face, and how to overcome them. There were also panel discussions about how the holistic industry; an industry that has historically been slow to adapt to progressions… Read more »

Matter Takes on NewCo Boston

Another year, another great NewCo. Matter joined a tribe of talented, tech-hungry people last week for the 3rd annual NewCo Boston Festival, hosted by the Mass Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC). During the two-day event, attendees step out of their day-to-day and into the offices of over 70 participating companies to network and learn about the local innovation scene. One idea struck our team. Nearly every session… Read more »

Reflection on HIMSS18: Health Tech Innovation + The Promise of Tomorrow

Recently, I had the pleasure of representing Matter and six of our clients at HIMSS 2018 in Las Vegas. If you’re not familiar, HIMSS is one of the largest healthcare technology conferences in the country, bringing in more than 40,000 attendees ranging from physicians and executives to marketing & PR folks, and even press and government personnel. At Matter, we strive to identify how our clients… Read more »

Consumer Tech Survey Reveals Influence of Online Reviews and Video on Customer Purchasing Behavior

Data Indicates Investing in Visual and Mobile Content is a Must for Brand Marketers  BOSTON– April 19, 2018 –Even with innumerable personal tech products pouring into the market, only 20 percent of shoppers report feeling they have too many devices. With consumers hungry to buy and a market flooded with options, marketers need to break through the noise to capture their share of consumer consciousness. Data… Read more »

3 Keys to a Successful Video Review Process

The review or feedback phase of a video project can be the longest and most ill-defined aspect of the video creation process. When your project team and the video marketing agency you’re collaborating with aren’t on the same page, your video can stumble before it’s even out of the gates. After 7+ years and over 500 review cycles under our belt, we’ve identified a few best… Read more »

The Latest + Greatest from Creative Services 4.10.2018

This March, the Matter creative team finished up some large scale projects for clients Bigtincan and CityPASS. Bigtincan came to Matter for a series of customer success stories. And CityPASS came to our design team looking to launch city-specific ads in 11 different markets. Check out the full case studies at the links below.   Customer Success Stories for Bigtincan Across the United States families in… Read more »

Fun Update from Matter Headquarters

Anyone else feel like 2017 was just yesterday? Whether we want to believe it or not, 2018 is well upon us by now and the Matter team has been hard at work (and play!). We are all about work-life balance and creating a fun, supportive and caring environment in our offices as well as our communities. Wondering what that actually means? Check out some of the… Read more »

Viral Content 101: What You Need to Know About “Going Viral”

“How can we make our content go viral?” If PR professionals gained a dollar each time this question was asked, maybe we wouldn’t be here. Kidding, of course! However, viral is a buzzword that we all hear frequently and, to avoid overuse, it’s important to understand what “going viral” truly means. Viral is an adjective meaning “quickly and widely spread or popularized especially by means of… Read more »