Month: April 2024

Google Says, “No More Cookies”: What Marketers Need to Know

Google recently announced yet another delay to the long-anticipated sunsetting of 3rd party cookies in Chrome, from the end of 2024 to sometime next year. While this provides more of a runway for marketers, when the change comes, it will impact more than half of all internet users – yes, you read that right. With user privacy in the spotlight, marketers must pivot strategies. How should… Read more »

Building a Balanced Healthcare Content Strategy

For healthcare marketers, content is still king. Whether you’re a start-up or a med-tech powerhouse, you won’t get far without crafting engaging brand stories to share with your audience across forums and media channels. The type of content you create and share should align with your business goals. Do you want to drive leads? Opt for a gated resource like an eBook or white paper. Want… Read more »